Charges Dropped Against Suspect Involved in Second Urban Beach Week Police Shooting

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Charges have been dropped against Carlos King, the suspect involved in the second police shooting during the hectic Monday, May 20th Miami Beach morning during Urban Beach Week. King, a 45-year-old fire captain from South Carolina, was driving his car at a high speed, seemingly uncontrollably, at a female Miami Beach police officer. The officer shot at King's car, and he was charged with a DUI, But those charges have now been dropped. 

King was not involved in the much more publicized shooting that claimed the life of Raymond Herisse. His incident occurred at 5 a.m., after the Herisse shooting. 

"I don't know what happened. I was driving south on Washington Avenue behind a car that was cruising too slow. I drove around him and the traffic light was red," King told police at the time. "I crashed into the police car that was parked in the middle of the street." 

 "I am not drunk," he continued. "I only had one beer, no...maybe two or three."

A captain with the North Charleston Fire Department captain, King was suspended from his job at the time.

Now according to WCIV, King has been reinstated as the charges have been dropped. 

Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office spokesman Ed Griffith tells the station that no blood test was performed, and the office did not have enough evidence to pursuit the DUI charges. So now its merely a case of reckless driving. 

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Taxpayers robbed
Taxpayers robbed

Watch out for the members of the City of Miami fire union. Several get paid $20,000 per month for No-Show jobs.

Fire Captain gets convicted in $11 MILLION mortgage fraud ring.

Taxpayers get robbed.

Fire pays well
Fire pays well

No-Show job at City of Miami Fire Department. Fire Captain recently convicted.

No wonder the City of Miami loses $1 MILLION per week. The Fire Department pays employees to stay at home. Veldora Arthur after her sentencing might be in prison. Checks sent there?

Convicted Fire Captain
Convicted Fire Captain

City of Miami Fire Captain Veldora Arthur was recently convicted of mortgage fraud in a $11 mil fraud ring. Arthur has been getting paid $30,000 per month while she is "suspended with pay". Now she is convicted.

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