Christopher Headley Was Shot Dead In Miami Gardens And Nobody Cared

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This past September 8, 20-year-old Christopher Headley grabbed a cup of fruit punch and walked out the door of his uncle Paul Neil's Miramar apartment. Fifteen hours later he was dead -- shot four times in the head and chest.

The really horrible thing about Chris's death -- which I detail in a column in this week's New Times -- is that both the media and the cops dropped the ball. Chris's mom, Kristina Mahoney, an accomplished woman with two Master's Degrees, says there was no investigation. And neighbors confirm this. Moreover, when I walked through the complex where he was shot in Miami Gardens, there were pretty good indications about what might have happened.

I put together this slide show -- narrated by Paul Neil and a woman on the scene when the murder happened -- about Chris's life and death. It details the shortcomings of the officials' work and Chris's tragic life.

Miami Gardens, by the way, is Dade County's murder capital. The 22 people who died there in 2010 was the largest total of any city in these parts except Miami proper. Fort Lauderdale, by comparison, totaled only seven killings.

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Big Al
Big Al

Christopher wasnt just a co-worker, he was an addition to my family. He will always be remembered by his outspoken voice and words. He had the desire to accomplish alot while at The Home Depot. Chris always asked what he could do to improve and what it takes to move inside. Chris made many proud when he assisted with projects and showed that he could do things when asked. He was an adopted brother and will always be remembered as my lil son. Youre still under my wing and I know youll always be watching over.


Article does not say why the reporter feels there was no investigation.


How can we help find justice for Christopher?  What can we, mothers, do to come together to get answers for Mrs. Mahoney? Please give suggestions and I shall help! Reminder to Kristina, "Vengence is Mines" says the Lord. I know that the person/people who did this will stand the worst judgment of all, the judgement of God!

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