Hurricane Rina Becomes Category 2, Florida Keys Now in Cone

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Quickly developing Hurricane Rina has now achieved Category 2-strength winds less than a day after becoming a hurricane, and there's no sign she's about to slow down. Forecasters now expect the storm to make a hard right turn, with the Florida Keys in its possible path.

Rina is currently churning off the coast of Honduras and will likely affect Mexico's Yucatan peninsula. However, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects the storm to make a hard right turn. The direct predicted path would put the storm over northwest Cuba early Sunday morning, but the Florida Keys are now within the danger zone.

South Florida, for now, is outside the cone but could quickly find itself within Rina's predicted path if the storm's turn is less dramatic than predicted.

Weather Underground's map has Rina weakening by the weekend, however, and the system might be downgraded to a tropical storm as it nears Cuba.

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