ICE Chief Anthony V. Mangione Regularly Sent Child Porn, Ordered to Undergo Mental Evaluation

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New details are coming out about the investigation that lead to the arrest of Anthony V. Mangione, South Florida's top immigration cop. The Sun-Sentinel reports that AOL e-mail accounts registered to Mangione regularly sent nude and pornographic images of children, including several images of nude children being spanked. Miami's chief of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

Mangione was originally suspended back in April when investigators found child porn images on his personal computer in his home in Parkland, and an ongoing investigation over the summer lead to his arrest late last month

The Sun-Sentinel has obtained search warrants that detail what Broward Sheriff's Officers found on Mangione's computer. 

Mangione used several AOL e-mail addresses, including  BookStoreMomNC, Flasunguy33, thismomspanks33 and PastorRobertM, to regularly send and receive child porn images.

In one instance in September 2010, Mangione sent two sexually explicit image of boys under 10, and one of a girl under 12 to an unidentified recipient. Another image sent out later that month depicted, "a girl under age 12 with shoulder-length blond hair and glasses, standing nude." 

"Emails from the suspect account also contained additional images that displayed a sexual interest in children," reads one of the warrants. "For example, at least three of the images depicted nude children being spanked. At least five additional images depicted the nude buttocks of children."

Investigators were originally tipped of by AOL which uses sophisticated software to flag any possible trafficking of child pornography engaged in by its users. 

AOL eventually shut his account down, but Mangione used an additional screenname to create three AOL Instant Messanger accounts --Txdad723, Oldrmom111 and alexisGA72-- that may have been used to continue his activists.

Meanwhile, Mangione is being held with out bond, and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he posses a risk of harming himself if he's released from jail. 

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he'll beat the rap somehow with all his connections and money.


They have a program for his problems, it's called PRISON. They same program they put other pedos thru.

shoes boot
shoes boot

Why pay money for a mental exam....we know a pediphile when WE see one. Guilty! Seems we are fixated on psychological reasons for crimes. Instead of closing psychiatric facilities we need to open more of the,


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Kyle Bateman
Kyle Bateman

far too few of them actually get to go through the program.  it has become far too easy for this stuff to spread online.  this guy only got caught because he is luddite enough to use AOL.  the depth of the pedo rabbit hole is disturbing, now.

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