Lindsay Lohan's Dad Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges in Tampa

It only makes sense that Michael Lohan, the man whose total lack of basic human and parenting skills gives us some empathy for the hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan, now makes his home in Florida. It is, after all, a sunny place for shady people, and Lohan was arrested last night in Tampa for some very shady behavior. Hillsborough Sheriff's Office deputies booked him for suspicion of domestic violence.

Police responded to calls that Lohan was having an argument with his on-again-off-again live-in girlfriend, Kate Majors (the much younger former tabloid journalist). According to TMZ, when officers arrested Lohan, he began complaining of chest pains. So they took him to the hospital before his trip to jail. However, Lohan tried to sneak out of the hospital to avoid arrest. He was caught and eventually charged.

Lohan was last arrested on domestic violence-related charges by Los Angeles police in March after another fight with Majors.

Interestingly, the arrest report lists a Fort Lauderdale home as Lohan's address.

The arrest comes the same day that rumors are swirling that his daughter Lindsay is posing for Playboy.

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Domestic Assault Lawyer
Domestic Assault Lawyer

It is such a shameful thing for the Lindsay Lohan's because of her dad arrested on domestic violence charges in Tampa. But what can she do because of she is also disturbing with her marriage life.  


One day when Milo is serving hard labor he will hear the pitter patter of his daughter Lilo scooting past in the jail cell across the street and he will suddenly think to himself this is the America that I always aspired to. At least there’ll be a bucket of dollars when my sorry self gets out of here.

Such it seems are the fateful destinies of preferred Hollywood idols that will use any means necessary to bring clarity to our collective existence. If only we could just let Milo cry in our collective arms, the tears would never stop trickling down…

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