Marc Sarnoff is the Top Rain Maker in Miami

​Miami city commissioner Marc Sarnoff has collected nearly half a million dollars in his reelection bid, leading all candidates in the money raising front for the upcoming November election. Of the three incumbents on the ballot, Sarnoff faces the stiffest competition with four opponents who have some name recognition and are jumping on the commissioner's emergence as the go-to-guy for special interests. He has raised more than three times the amount collected by Donna Milo, Michelle Niemeyer, Kate Callahan, and Williams Armbrister.

Commissioners Willy Gort and Francis Suarez have raised $136,827 and $88,175 respectively. Although Suarez, who is running unopposed, has not submitted his campaign report that was due on September 30. Other interesting items of note from recently submitted electioneering data:

  • The Related Group, a real estate firm owned by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Democratic Party fundraiser Jorge Perez, gave $4,550 through various corporations to Gort this past Aug. 30. All the entities are located at the same address as Related's headquarters at 315 S Biscayne Blvd.
  • Sarnoff can no longer downplay his relationship with lobbyist and political campaign consultant Steve Marin. Between July and September, Sarnoff's reelection campaign has paid Marin's firm $78,115 for direct mail pieces and other campaign materials.
  • A new political action committee called Miamian's for Honest and Responsible Government received a $2,500 donation from real estate developer Stanley Tate, who earlier this year spearheaded an effort to stop a skate park from being built near a historic city cemetery and Jewish synagogue.

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Vote for Sale
Vote for Sale

Lobbyists and scammers know Sarnoff sells his votes. That is why Sarnoff has collected so much money.

Anyone but Sarnoff
Anyone but Sarnoff

Voters are getting the message.

"Vote for anyone but Sarnoff."

Callahan, Niemeyer, Milo? Pick one.

Anyone but Sarnoff!

Demetrio Delcastillo
Demetrio Delcastillo

So what? Scumoff is a latent Neocon, what difference does it make? Anyone with half a brain who has seen the guy, heard him or has seen first hand how he operates should be able to tell the scum has severe problems, a total nut job. Vote the evil man out. God save Miami District 2.

Institutional Memory
Institutional Memory

More self-hating?  I would say someone who has to lie about their lineage because they may feel inadequate with the facts as they are.  What difference does it make that Milo is a transgender?  The race for Dist 2 Commissioner is non-partisan so the individual's political affiliation should have no import.  This is just a hateful blogger and part of the reason this country is in the mess that it is.  Besides, wasn't it Sarnoff who changed his affiliation from Republican to Democrat in the 2006 election so that he could get some cash from his buddy Jellyroll?


Donna Milo is a transgender REPUBLICAN.  Is there anyone more self-hating than that? 

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