Miami-Dade County Jail Fail: Convicted Attempted Murderer Accidentally Set Free

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At the end of the day, jails have one job: to keep prisoners on the inside. Miami-Dade County Jail has pretty much failed its basic duty today by letting a man convicted of attempted murder walk free. He didn't even try to escape. They just let him go.

Dexter A. Davis, 36, was released this morning at 9:35, though he was in jail awaiting sentencing for attempted murder conviction. Davis had been found guilty of nearly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death.

>Davis is now on the lose, but NBC Miami reports that a multi-agency task force is searching for him and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The Miami Herald reports, that "an internal affairs investigation is now being launched to determine how jailers accidentally released him."

Davis was originally arrested back in 2009 when police found his then-girlfriend in the couple's apartment covered in blood, and the victim of multiple stab wounds. The 12-to-14 inch butcher knife used in the attack was still lodged in her arm when police arrived.

Davis was convicted just yesterday, and his sentencing trial was scheduled for December.

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