Eight Reasons Why Florida is a Real-Life Horror Movie

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photo by Logan Fazio
Lincoln Road zombie walks got nothin' on real life in Florida.
Time for a little Halloween honesty: Florida is terrifying. Serial killers Ted Bundy and Gary Ray Bowles have stalked our towns. Prehistoric, sharp-fanged creatures circle our swamps and oceans, hungry for blood. Real-life vampires kill their victims and slit their throats.

In fact, the Sunshine State has enough real monsters around to make John Carpenter look like Mister Rogers. While you slather on your best zombie makeup to stalk Lincoln Road on Monday, here are eight reasons why walking out your front door is scarier than a Dexter marathon.

8. Vampires

Forget Twilight, remember Nikolai and Azreal? We reported on these fiends and their vampire community lurking around South Florida back in 2009. They'll drink your blood if you let them and if you want the pleasure of drinking some DNA, the dentist will gladly suck the $400 out of your wallet to give you fangs. Here's what writer Michael Mooney had to say about South Florida's blood-sucking sub-genre:
Nikolai ... and his friends are all part of a South Florida community of vampires -- they sometimes spell it vampyre to differentiate the living, human versions from the fictional, undead forms. They identify with the lonely, torn spirits in vampire stories, but these folks are not your typical goth kids. Nor are they role playing. Some of them claim to be psychic vampires with an ability to drain energy with their minds. And some are sanguine -- vampires who lust after and feed on human blood.

The community consists of circles of like-minded vampires and donors, often called "black swans," who are willing to let a vampire drink from them. There are also blood fetishists, who involve blood and blood consumption in their sex lives, and "slayers," deranged individuals who sometimes try to harm or kill the vampires. There are parties where vampires socialize, where elders give new vampires advice on the lifestyle, magazines and newsletters with classified ads, and dentists who install permanent fangs.
7. Werewolves
Last summer, a local TV crew up in Panama City visited 17-year-old Stephanie Pistey to find out why she allegedly helped lure an ex-boyfriend to a house where three friends beat him to death and slit his throat. Her answer? She was born part-werewolf! (And part-vampire, to be fair).

Thumbnail image for crackpipe.jpg
photo by Agencia Brasil via Wikimedia Commons
How to make a real-life zombie.
6. Zombies
The early '90s crack epidemic was not kind to the Magic City. In 1994, in fact, a wave of crack-related crimes led police to warn that legions of drug fiends who slept during the day were stalking town at night armed with socket wrenches to break open fences and steal whatever they could get their hands on. Dubbed "the night zombies" by Miami police, these ghouls broke into mechanics' and auto-body shops, and stole roofing and construction supplies and generally anything they could grab with their rotten fingers. Here's the Herald's lede:
Cops in South Dade call them "the night zombies " -- crackheads sleeping by day in hurricane hovels, roaming the back streets past midnight with socket wrenches to pop open fences surrounding other people's stuff.

Late last year, the zombies moved in on a warehouse district in Perrine. They hit Blanchard Machinery. They hit Bob Hilson Roofing. They hit auto-body shops and mechanics' garages and construction supply yards.

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Oh those crack zombies, they're pretty much everywhere...

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Fernie B

holy mother of god that's the scariest picture I seen all day....and i've been surfing people of walmart.com all day...yikes

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