Phil Hinkle: Miami Porn Company Cashes in on Latest "Republican Caught With Gay Hooker" Scandal

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We know it's hard to keep track of all the various scandals involving anti-gay Republican politicians being caught in gay sex scandals, but maybe you remember the tale of Indiana state Rep. Phil Hinkle. He promised to pay a teenager he met on Craiglist $140 for a "really good time." Yeah, well, the 18-year-old involved is coming to Miami (land of dreams!) to start his gay-porn career for Flava Works.

Hinkle's rendezvous with Kameryn Gibson in Indianapolis went awry when the teen got nervous. He tried to leave, but Hinkle allegedly grabbed him and then exposed himself. Hinkle also made the mistake of identifying himself as a state representative. Gibson made off with Hinkle's phone when his sister picked him up, and the pair went to the Indianapolis Star with the story.

Now Flava Works, the Miami-based gay-porn company behind the controversial (in terms of zoning laws anyway) website CocoDorm, has hired Gibson to appear in its movies, according to the New York Daily News.

He'll be appearing under the nom du porne DuJuan Diamond and says this in the press release:
"DeJuan was very disappointed at how his hook up with Hinkle turned out. He says, 'I really wanted to show Mr. Hinkle all I got, but due to irreconcilable differences it just didn't happen. I figured if I model with Flava Works I can show him what he and his pals really missed out on.'"
Of course, all sex scandals somehow find themselves with a Miami connection.

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Arthur Teele RIP
Arthur Teele RIP

Remember City of Miami Commissioner Arthur Teele? He was accused in Miami New Times of "spending time" with a crack addict cross dressing male hooker.

Of course, Teele was indicted for public corruption too.

Fernie B
Fernie B

sorry. Rules of nature. Democrats screw ugly girls. Republicans little boys... look it up

Alex Pittman
Alex Pittman

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