Raul Martinez Is Sorry He Paved The Way For Julio Robaina

Raul Martinez with his old-protege-turned-enemy Julio Robaina
​Last time Raul Martinez ran for elected office, he got handed his only and worst defeat of his political career. He was part of a Democratic tag team that was supposed to topple the Diaz-Balart oligarchy controlling two of Miami's Hispanic U.S. Congressional seats. The coup failed miserably and we at New Times had to eat crow after predicting Martinez was going to obliterate Lincoln Diaz-Balart. It was the other way around.

But a politician like Martinez can't stay away from the game, especially when his successors have left the city government he ruled in tatters. So he's running again to be Hialeah mayor, a post he held for a quarter century, except for a brief period when he was indicted on public corruption charges that he took bribes from a developer.

He eventually beat the rap, retiring in 2005 when he was termed out - paving the way for then-Hialeah Council President Julio Robaina to take over. It was Martinez's other big political mistake. Now Martinez is looking to correct his error by running against Robaina's chosen one Carlos Hernandez, who was appointed to the position earlier this year when Julio had to give up the seat to run for county mayor.

As expected during any Hialeah election cycle, the race has gotten ugly. Most recently, Martinez exposed Hernandez using internal affairs police detectives to tail him while he visited elderly voters who receive city rent assistance.

Over the summer, we sat down with Martinez inside his campaign headquarters, where he apologized for backing Robaina as his successor and explains why he loves being Hialeah's mayor.

Raul Martinez Interview by Frank Ness 1

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I love Raul!!!!!! Being a Hialeah Citizen for 33 years... I experienced Hialeah with Raul and without Raul. Hialeah feels as if it has been abandoned for years. God knows where the money is going because I see nothing being done. The Robaina people sent workers door to door, collecting numbers off of recycle bins. I called the city and they told me it was an independent company that was hired to do that. Do you imagine how much money was wasted?  Who knows which one of his cousins owns that company. Raul fixed the streets, he repaired my elderly grandmothers home. I could give a rats ass what Raul did in the past. He is good for Hialeah and want to see him back. 

BTW Thanks Robaina for the recycle bins that only get picked up once a month. We stopped using it. 


Franky. You report FALSE I nformation yet again. Raul received many defeats since 05. And before. In 02-03. Three of his councilmen, lost two miel, bravo and navaraez , remember that he supped them with everything he had. Including $ and his mob hit men. The same thing happened in 08 when Raul supported Elizabeth Iglesias for council and she lost by a chunk load , now her "husband" another wannabe politician is running for council after he lost his race recently for state rep. And he got fired by manny maroño, that says a lot. And Raul also put his full backing to Danny bolaños a few years ago, you followed that race closely, and rails candidate lost by 90+ % to councilwoman cue Fuentes. It says a lot about Raul and his history of loosing, which you did not accurately report, but then again, we did not expect any more from you.

Julissa Diaz
Julissa Diaz

Aaaahhhhhh yes like the Bully that was beat up by the bigger badder Bullies (the Diaz-Balarts) NOW HE REALLY DIDN"T WANT TO BE IN CONGRESS....... HA HA HA!! That was your BRASS RING Raul Martinez!! DON"T LIE....... Julio Robaina EMBRACED YOUR ENEMIES????? Yes like Julio Martinez and Roberto Casas? NO THAT WAS YOU Like Cindy Miel NO THAT WAS ALSO YOU!!??? What enemies exactly are you talking about ???? This guy is soo full of crap!! He was a big fish in a little pond and when he wanted to expand his reign of corruption the voters slapped him back to reality. He is running in Hialeah again because no one else wants him!!! Buy a clue Raul with the 1 million that you took from the tax payers we don't want you back.... And don't bother to apologize for Robaina as Mayor last I checked he was more popular that you ever were in less time and without extorting money from real estate developers!!! That is what is killing you.......

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