RazzleDazzle Barbershop's Taxpayer-Funded Video Is Not a Commercial, Says Owner

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​"Welcome to RazzleDazzle Barbershop," the video says before cutting to a photo of a busty young woman in a skimpy Moulin Rouge-style outfit. "Haircuts with a view. Only $20."

As blogger Al Crespo pointed out last week, the video -- found on the City of Miami's homepage -- is straight-up creepy. It also raises a bunch of questions. First and foremost: Why is the city producing what looks like a commercial for a private business?

"It wasn't a commercial," says Razzledazzle owner Elena Linares, who appears in the video in a bowler hat and busty black corset. "It could easily be twisted that way, but it definitely was not a commercial."

Check out the video below and decide for yourself. Did we mention Mayor Tomás Regalado is in it? Classy!

The video first appeared on the City of Miami website about two weeks ago. But unlike most of the feel-good pieces intended to promote local culture or history, this one seems ripped straight from late-night TV commercials, like something you'd see wedged between an ad for boner pills and spray-on hair thickener.

Even though he's listed as the video's "executive producer," city communications director Angel Zayon didn't respond to repeated requests for comment.

But RazzleDazzle owner Elena Linares was able to shed some light on the strange commercial video, which appears to have been taken down since Crespo first wrote about it last week.

"The mayor's office decided it would be good to feature RazzleDazzle and the community," she said, explaining that the video was shot during an August 16 charity event for low-income families called Looking Cool on the First Day of School.

Despite its creepy intro -- where a man is being pampered by a half-dozen ladies in cancan outfits, including Linares -- and the openly advertised price of $20, the owner claims the video isn't a commercial.

"No, it's not promoting my business," Linares says. "It's promoting what I did for children. That's the facts."

She says Regalado wasn't paid to appear in the video, which would violate city rules. "Don't suggest that the mayor is doing anything not on the up-and-up," Linares says.

But Linares does have an idea for Riptide: She says she's in discussions to produce a reality TV show about the barbershop and its sexy ladies. Wouldn't we like to get in on it?

"RazzleDazzle will have its own reality show on a national network," she says. "Pitch the story for RazzleDazzle and write on it, honey."

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If the City highlights one local business, they should offer the same to the thousands of small business owners in Miami-Dade and stimulate our local economy. Otherwise, it seems as a commercial that benefits only that ONE business, since it is not promoting a cause or a community campaign.

If they need help with ideas, have them reach out to RelyLocal West Kendall, who is doing a great  "buy local" campaign that showcases local businesses and plans to re-energize and unite the Greater Kendall area with community events, coupons, links to discounts, etc.


This video clearly ADVERTISED the name of the shop and the price for the service... if it was really about the kids it would've just been the last minute of the video where she's talking about the kids... the intro is the unethical part and clearly an ad...

Is she going to turn away customers who say they saw this video online... i doubt it...

Fuck Regalado!
Fuck Regalado!

It is, in fact, a COMMERCIAL. Even if it wasn't, any city's homepage isn't a place to put up any for-profit business; It's highly unethical! The city's homepage is for the benefit of the people who live in it, not the private businesses, that only look to exploit!


"...something you'd see wedged between an ad for boner pills and spray-on hair thickener."

Somehow I misread "spray-on boner thickener"

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