See Miami's Most Iconic Buildings Made with Legos

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Central Florida's newest amusement park, Legoland Florida, officially opened its bricked doors on Saturday on the former site of Cypress Gardens. One of the main attractions includes massive displays of iconic skylines rebuilt with Legos, and obviously Legoland Florida's has an entire section devoted to Miami. Everything from the Miami Tower to that dude who likes to rollerblades in the buff got the Lego treatment.

All photos are from the Inside The Magic Flickr:

legoland miami.jpg
Obviously, Ocean Drive takes center stage, but the exhibit recreates less world-famous locales as well.

legoland lilhavana.jpg
Here's Lego Calle Ocho complete with a recreation of Cafe Versailles.

legoland chick.jpg
In true Little Havana fashion, that does appear to be a woman surrounded by her pet chickens.

legoland con.jpg
Kudos for the inclusion of the Atlantic Condominium.

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The plural of LEGO is LEGO, not Legos. Ugh.

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