Stephen Colbert Wants Dwarf Tossing (and Baby Juggling) Legalized in Florida

Categories: Politicks
We're just surprised it took Stephen Colbert so long to give his opinion on Florida's dwarf tossing ban. You might remember state Rep. Ritch Workman caused a hubbub by suggesting the ban should be repealed because it's an example of "Big Brother government" that prevents "dwarfs from getting jobs they would be happy to get." Colbert, in character, obviously agrees and produced one of the best chart gags we've seen in recent times to support his argument.

Here's the video in full, in which Colbert also suggests Florida adopts job-creating hobbies like "Albino Paintball Hunting," "Baby Juggling," and "Red-Head Rodeos":

But, can we take another second to take a look at the graph:

You just can't argue with facts like that, folks.

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