Tebowing Is Your Latest Internet Craze

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Not since "Paula Deen Riding Things" has a scene in Miami taken the Internet by meme storm. After defeating the Dolphins in his first NFL career start last weekend, Tim Tebow got down on one knee, clenched a fist, and proceeded to take a quick prayer break while the rest of the Broncos ran around excitedly. (Note to Tebow: You don't need the Lord's help to defeat the Dolphins this year.) Of course this has started a Planking-like internet meme, because that's just how the Internet works.

Tumblr site Tebowing.com is leading the charge with a few dozen submissions in the past two days. Here's some of our favorites:

Adorable baby Tebowing.
UCF fans prove they are good for something.
Obviously, none of these are as awesome as our favorite internet meme involving Tebow, U-bombing:

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