The Clevelander Opening a New Location at Marlins Stadium

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Along with news that a homerun nightmare-scape will be built at the new Marlins stadium comes this: the place will include a branch of South Beach's  "sophisticated and classy" Clevelander.

Eater says that the Clevelander's plans include a "new, rebranded poolside bar and grill [which] will bring a unique and authentic South Beach experience to all fans. The redesigned entertainment area in left field will be open year-round and will be Miami's new hot spot for many years to come."

The Clevelander is fresh off a cameo in a Miami Beach Police Department scandal, and is well known as the most crowded spot on South Beach.

Of course, now all three sports stadiums in Miami-Dade will have outposts of SoBe bars and clubs. The American Airlines Arena has Bongo's, Sun Life has a mini-LIV, and now there's a Clevelander in Little Havana.

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Fat Hand
Fat Hand

I thought we all eventually agreed that HR sculpture is awesome.  As long as they are going for unique and authentic South Florida at the ballpark, I wonder if the parking garage is going to have people park their cars three deep on little plots of grass.


This is really going to confuse the away team fans...

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