Two Domino's Managers Burn Down a Papa John's Because This Is Florida

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In these tough economic times, businessmen are encouraged to find innovative and out-of-the-box ways to compete for sales.

Arson, though a highly effective strategy, is not recommended, because it is also highly illegal.

Domino's managers Bryan Sullivan and Sean Davidson were apparently upset when a new Papa John's location opened near their store in small Lake City, Florida. The owner of the Papa John's franchise, Jacob Wilkes, and two friends had pooled money to open the new location just three months ago, according to Wilkes said business had been booming, which apparently worried the Domino's manager. Before the arrival of Papa John's, Domino's was the only pizza chain in town.

So Sean Everett Davidson, 23, and Bryan David Sullivan, 22, hatched a scheme: Burn down the Papa John's. The two put the plan into action October 20. The Papa John's was completely gutted, and soon after, police arrested Davidson and Sullivan. They admitted they indeed burned the restaurant down because of the competition.

"I was dumbfounded over how somebody could go to those lengths over pizza," Wilkes told the news station.

Davidson and Sullivan were arrested and charged with felony arson. The Noid is not believed to be involved.

"I'm more sympathetic toward the families of the guys that did it," quips Wilkes, who plans to rebuild. "I can only imagine the regret and what they're looking at now and thinking how stupid it was. Just to think back, it's only pizza."

Amazingly, this is only the second most serious pizza-chain-related news of the week.

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I just want to say that Papa Johns and Dominos is NOT the only places in town. There is Hungry Howies, a few Pizza huts and several other pizza places aprox 13-15. Also that Papa Johns had been at that location for years. Yes they made bad choice and they have to live with them. But This article has so many things incorrect about it

Shawn Hirman
Shawn Hirman

I think a fair punishment would be they give up their restraunts to the Papa Johns guy or go to prison

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