Almost Half of Floridians Think Republicans Are Intentionally Trying to Hurt the Economy

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Some Democrats have accused Republicans of intentionally trying to slow economic recovery for political gain. Republicans have tried to dismiss that theory, but it's not just partisan Dems who believe it. Nearly half of voters in Florida believe "Republicans are intentionally hindering efforts to boost the economy so that President Barack Obama will not be reelected."

The statistic comes from new Suffolk University polling out today.

The survey found that 49 percent of Floridians believe the Republicans are purposefully trying to hinder economic recovery. Only 39 percent disagreed. In the camp that agrees: 70 percent of Democrats, 52 percent of Independents, and even 25 percent of Republicans.

Floridians it would appears are definitely eager for the economy to improve. 88 percent believe the recession is still in effect in Florida, with only 4 percent saying its not.

Floridians also say the US should stop payment of foreign aid by a percentage of 74 percent, and 50 percent are in favor of the adoption of a flat tax.

GOPers may be happy about that flat tax stat, but the rest isn't such good news.

Thirty-seven percent of Floridians say Rick Scott's job performance has been "negative and damaging." Only 26 percent said it was "positive and productive." Another 26 percent said it had little impact.

Forty-one percent of Floridians also agree that Marco Rubio exaggerated his family story. Only 26 percent think he was telling the truth.

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Those who don't believe it are in denial or just stupid.

Fernie B
Fernie B

The other half thinks all democrats are Marxists and believes Obama wants to give Cuba To Ivan Drago From Rocky IV. Ve vill Crush you..but first give us all your croquetas and cortaditos. Ah my cuban brethren..let go all the hate. yes JFK messed up... but he got shot in the head,  Your close mindedness gave us Bush 2000-2008 and Rick Scott. Time to sit down an analyze things. I'm talking to that 26 percent that thinks Ricky Scott is doing a good Job and that Marco Rubio didnt lie his ass off. 

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