Angry Customer Urinates in Drive-in Bank Tube in Palm Bay

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As children we were fascinated by those tubes at the drive-in at the bank. It was the closest thing to sci-fi technology we regularly encountered in our suburban lives. Needless to say, it does not sit well with us that some Florida derelict has decimated this grand technology with his urine. 'Tis a noble tube, sir, not some common urinal.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a customer pulled up to the drive-in lane at the RBC Bank in Palm Coast yesterday at about 8:50 a.m. The man asked the bank if they sold money orders. The teller informed him that they did not. The man reacted upset and muttered something about bad costumer service before driving off.

Well, at first that's all that the tellers thought he did.

When the next costumer pulled up she pulled out the tube and noticed it was full of liquid. The liquid spilled all over her lap and into the car. The liquid smelled like urine.

Yep, dude had peed into the tube.

The angry customer has not been found, but he could face second degree misdemeanor charges of causing a nuisance injurious to health.

As disgusting as the incident may be, it is a refreshing change of pace to hear a story of something horrible happening to a bank not perpetuated by the bank itself.

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So which city did this happen in? Palm Bay or Palm Coast because they are two different cities.  One is in Flagler County; the other is in Brevard County. 


I call BS on that story. The drive through teller areas with suction tubes are all supposed to be equipped with CCTV so the man should be on camera. (Maybe he even wore a Guy Fawlkes mask and had mud allover his license plates.)

Of course, now the bank wants the man declared "Public Enema #1."The problem with the nice protesters at "Occupy Wall Street" is that they have no control, nor bear any responsibility, over what other people do to show their disdain and discontent at the banks.

Knowing the kinds of news Florida generates, I suspect its going to get worse before long.

Hey, Mr. Banker, how many people did you foreclose on today? Think they're going to stop at just showing you what they think of "trickle down"? How much more satisfying it would be to send something that goes bang!?


rotfl, now thats the funniest thing I have heard all day. Only in Palm Bay. Palm Bay cops are idiots so they will never find the dude lol.


He did leave a deposit & it was at least a valuable as the crap the government is printing.  I don't see a real crime here.  The lady makes a bunch of the stuff her very own self.  But I suppose the dude didn't use the proper re-cycling container.

Jeffery Dilegge
Jeffery Dilegge

The cameras usually are very low resolution. It is easy to obscure your plate with simply   a plastic transparent cover

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