Angry Landlord Bulldozes a Mobile Home With Kids Inside in Central Florida

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In terms of effectiveness, ramming a front-end loader into a rental trailer home is certainly a good way to evict your tenants. In terms of legality, not so much. Especially if there are children in the trailer.

John Miller has been renting a mobile home near Apopka for about four months to Michelle Valdez, 23. She paid $150 a week to live there with her three children, brother, and sister-in-law.

Valdez was up to date on her rent, but according to the Orlando Sentinel, Miller had become upset over her use of a table at a yard sale. Obviously that's certainly something to become irate about.

Valdez was paid up until December 1 and had planned to stay until then, but Miller had other ideas.

On Tuesday, Miller rammed a yellow front-end loader into the trailer.

"Miller drove the front-end loader into the right, front side of the trailer as Michelle and Bonnie [Peach] screamed for him to stop and telling him the children were inside," reads the arrest report.

Four children ages 10 to 14 were inside. Only the 14-year-old was able to escape before the attack. The ramming caused the roof to collapse while the children were inside.

"Good, then I got what I wanted," Miller told police. Miller also swore at police after they pointed a rifle at him.

Luckily, the children were unharmed.

Miller was arrested and now faces charges of attempted murder.

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oh yeah..and the kids weren't inside..they were outside calling him a f**king puta.. i guess that's spanish for bitch..well the adults laughed..the charges are based off what they said happened since he wasn't even still on the forklift when they arrived.. awesome reporting!!!!! i guarentee anyone out there would rather have him living with or renting from them then her..but hay that's not good news...


yeah... they let her borrow the table for a yard sale..which she didn't return..she left out in the rain...police were out the week before because she wrote merry f**king xmas on the front window of the trailer..she had a crush on him because she never had anyone do things for put in a air conditioner and pick up her garbadge trying to make the place look nice..typical landlord stuff..when his wife was fed up with the crap she told her she was getting an eviction..which she replied you think sweet mr. miller will choose you over me..causing obvious problems...he had plenty of things besides a slow forklift to do what there accusing him of..absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!! he told them after she said you ain't gettin me out of here and im gonna own all this..she knew he had said ill tear the place down and she and the others pushed him until he did what he said. and he even warned them as he walked back to his shop he was going to tear it down..there was nobody in the house and if there had been they had an excessive amount of time to get them out...forklifts are loud and slow..this little girl just wants reak havac, get something for nothing & thinks its a game. This story is so one sided..this is a hard working man who has almost lost both of his girls to medical issues..helps everyone.and now his kids and grandkids don't have him.Are justice system sucks!!!!!! and these stupid news stations and papers are making people feel sorry for her!! Not one of you out there would put up with this girl in your house and if so why don't you help her out! Everyone needs disrespectful..everybody owes me something..oh yeah and little kids who throw rocks at windows and cuss worse than sailors!!


This sounds like a one sided story to me. Oh yea I really trust our local sheriff officefor the truth..This story  must have come from the Orlando slantnil.


overcharging is a good way to get your bud off eh


your exactly write...everyone is reporting what the girl says...this entire thing is BS


ps swearing at the cops is not a crime

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