Crazy Lil Wayne Fans Trespass at His Miami Mansion, Get Cursed Out, Put Everything on YouTube

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Lil Wayne's block may be hot, but he'd appreciate it if his crazy fans would chill out and stay away from his Miami Beach crib.

But two goofy looking Weezy fans recently got ahold of Wayne's Miami address and did what any unreasonable person would do: grabbed their video camera and decided to film the outside of his house.

The whole thing obviously made its way to YouTube:

The duo spots Weezy himself around the 3:43 mark, and begin screaming at him. Wayne is none-to-pleased and yells, "Do me a favor, get the f*ck from out this neighborhood or get your head knocked the f*ck off, do that ...Get the f*ck out this neighborhood homie ... Get the f*ck out this neighborhood homie ..."

The pair then drives away screaming and giggling like two twelve-year-old girls who just met Justin Bieber.

[Vibe via MTV Rap Fix]

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Tario mills
Tario mills

ummm Wayne paid 12 million for the house. He didn't know they were fans. All he knew was that they were 2 GROWN men asking him for a picture. He might of thought " those guys could of had a gun" what would you do if 2 people pulled up and asked for a picture. He had his guard up. He is not being a  " douchebag" . Wayne could of called the police on them too. Freaking stalker shit right there, driving around his house ? wtf. He knows who his true fans are. True fans would not be doing that. 


LOL weezy ur a douche they r just fans excited to see you in person dont be a dick xD


Where's the trespassing? Seems that Weezy is a douchebag.

Sir Sausage
Sir Sausage

Nothing to see here, just a sensationalist headline

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