David Bolger's Guide For Art Basel Newbies Skewers Dealers, Galleries and Snobs Alike

David Bolger
Attention Art Basel visitors: Name dropping always works!
​Miami Beach artist and City Hall gadfly David Bolger wants to make sure visitors attending Art Basel see it like an insider. So the 51-year-old former New Englander has illustrated a 21-page guide for Riptide to assist wannabe art snobs on how to distinguish a real urinal from one that is part of an art installation.

Bolger, who two years ago produced a cartoon newsletter skewering Miami Beach politicos, also subtly mocks Miami's guest list party culture and a few of the city's most prominent art collectors like Carlos and Rosa de la Cruz, Martin Marguiles, and the Rubells. On the last page, Bolger includes a note: "This is a work of art...It's sole purpose is to amuse. If in the process, anyone has been offended...all the better...No computers were used in this production...except perhaps to GOOGLE "Rubell Breakfast."

Check it out:


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Common Cents
Common Cents

Fucking beautiful! The Dumas comment is priceless. Where can I buy a copy?


can't wait for basel!!!

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