Dolphins' Dan Carpenter Listed As Questionable, Who Will Score for Them Now?

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The Dolphins have scored 158 points total this season. Between field goals and extra points, kicker Dan Carpenter has scored 68 of those points. Basically, the dude is responsible for a ridiculous 42 percent of the Dolphin's scoring this season, including the Jets game where he was the only person to score. Well, Carpenter's groin is giving him problems, and the team is working out new kickers. 

"There's no five-alarm fire yet," coach Tony Sparano, noted field goal enthusiast, tells the Miami Herald

The team isn't 100 percent sure if Carpenter will be ready, so other kickers were called into practice today, including veterans Jeff Reed, Shayne Graham, and Rhys Lloyd.

The good news is that in the team's only two wins this season came without an over-reliance on Carpenter's golden toe. Let's hope the team doesn't revert back to the disaster we saw earlier this season. You know, the team that apparently forgot touchdowns were even a possibility and turned more drives than not into field goals. Because if that happens and the team doesn't have a decent kicker, well, we're basically screwed. 

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Fist pumping to cease......Film at 11.

Fernie B
Fernie B

Graham went to UM didnt he? that shall attrack...dozens of fans....Go with him


no he went to virginia tech you must be talking about another graham

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