Heat Owner Micky Arison Fined $500,000 by NBA for Lockout Tweet

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Micky Arison may have made the most expensive tweet in history. NBA commissioner David Stern will fine the Heat owner $500,000 for a remark he made on Twitter about the lockout, according to Yahoo! Sports. That would be the single largest fine ever levied on an individual in NBA history.

Arison couldn't help but reply to a tweet directed at him last week, asking, "How does it feel to be a part of ruining the best game in the world? NBA owners/players don't give a damn about fans ... Fans provide all the money you're fighting over ... you greedy pigs."

"You are barking at the wrong owner," replied Arison on his Twitter account.

That tweet has since been deleted.

We're not surprised Arison couldn't help but reply to an accusation that he's a "greedy pig." We called him a "greedy corporate pig" back in 1996, and we're still a publication non grata with the Heat.

The message was the first sign that there is some division among NBA owners, and the media has long suspected that big market owners like Arison are more open to players' demands. So Arison just wanted to make it clear, that in this instance, he is not the greedy pig you speak of.

Of course, the half-a-million dollar fine gives you an idea of just how rich some of these people fighting over NBA money already are. For Arison, a man worth a reported $4.2 billion, the fine is just chump change.

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Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Mickey Arison is a greedy pig. I could not care less about the NBA. I am pissed at the hypocrite that Arisonofabitch is. This asshole has the nerve to say that the proposed Miami casino would be bad for everyone. It's ok for Arisonofabitch to make a killing off of ship casinos and then move the cash off shore without ever paying a shekel in tax to the USA. He and the ganse mischpuchah OWNED casinos in the Bahamas. Again never paid a penny into the USA. Fuck him and his ilk. Drop dead to that phony anti-American. All of his ships are registered in shithole countries. All to avoid paying American taxes. Arisonofabitch is exactly what is wrong with this country.

Fernie B
Fernie B

awesome... would be ironic if the guy who send the tweet was a heat employee.. You know, one of those dudes that sell drinks and beers at the game? That would be epic. They both greedy pigs. Dont they know that with HD tvs and their ticket prices... most people go... meh... I'll just watch it at home! For the price of decent (not great not crap) lower level tickets you can get yourself a nice-ass tv. Screw them both. except the players making the minimum it must suck..but cest la vie...put that communications degree to work


Net worth of $4.2b doesn't mean he has $4.2b liquid. He probably has like 90% of that tied in assets.

So he's only got like $420,000,000 cash. Dude is hurting, have some goddamn sympathy.


That is ridiculous, F the NBA.

Fernie B
Fernie B

rule of thumb during normal times is for a person to be 20% liquid.. given the economy the way it is..most rich dudes are 33% liquid. If he isnt.... he is an idiot. or donald trump...but he cant be both...hehe

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