Lesbian Couple Denied Name Change Because Their Marriage "Means Nothing to the State of Florida"

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The Lambert-Jolleys
As Florida residents, Rachel and Charlotte Lambert-Jolley knew that their marriage in Connecticut, where same sex weddings are legal, wouldn't be recognized in their own home state. They at least hoped, however, that it would help expedite the process of legally changing their last names to their new hyphened surname. The newlyweds claimed they were humiliated at the DMV when they applied for the change and told that their marriage "means nothing to the state of Florida."

The Lambert-Jolleys, fresh off their recent out-of-state marriage, called the Pinellas County DMV to inquire about changing their names on their drivers licenses. They were told by an employee that as long as they brought their marriage license they would be fine. The couple says they even clarified to the employee that it was a same-sex marriage license from out of state.

The pair had already changed their names on their Social Security Cards with no problem, even though the Federal government does not officially recognize same-sex marriage.

When they arrived the name changes were denied.

"To have multiple people tell you, 'It's fine, it's fine,' [then] you go in there and think you are good, then boom! It's a slap in the face, pretty much," Rachel tells WTSP.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle didn't mince her harsh words when she explained the policy.

"The out-of-state marriage certificate is a piece of paper that means nothing to the state of Florida. That is correct," Ann Howard, the spokeswoman, told Patch.com. "The law is very clear. It doesn't recognize any document related to same-sex marriage, because it is not recognized under the Florida Constitution.

The couple can however get their names changed on their passports. That along with their new Social Security cards would be enough for the State of Florida. They can also seek a court order to have their names changed, but that can cost up to $400 or more.

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Who cares about the sancity of marriage, Why don't they leave these two girls alone. We got more to worry about in this country other than these two gals.


Yeah, the sanctity..like uhm, Kim Humphries, I mean...Kartrashian did huh...LOL.


I'm glad these women could not change their driver licenses to reflect their actual names because, that's how we in Florida uphold traditional values and... um... sanctity of marriage and... um... be an example for the kids, or something.

Nasrin Shojai
Nasrin Shojai

Oh give me a break.. what sanity of marriage? With divorce rate in America for first marriage being at 41%, second 60%, and third 73%.. there is no more "sanity of marriage" left. Let it be between two opposite gender couple or same gender. Homosexuality in nature is natural.. it's the way things should be.. and if it was an accepted practice from day 1, our population today wouldn't be so out of control,. with people dying from starvation.. Not everyone is supposed to breed!!! If you ask me, I'd say there are just as many homosexuals in the world as there are heterosexuals.. It is natural.. it has been seen in animals.. and humans are no different. And as far as being an "example" for your kids.. be an example by teaching your kids acceptance, tolerance, kindness, to peruse high education so they can make a difference! To help others. etc. By not allowing gays/lesbians to have the same rights and privileges you've had for thousands of years, you're only teaching your kids to discriminate, judge, and hate.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

gays can't get marry because it ruin the sanctity of marriage but kim kardashian can?

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