Medical Marijuana Amendment Gets Sponsor in Florida State Senate

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The first steps towards the possibility of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida are underway. Last month State Rep. Jeff Session, a Democrat from Lake Worth, introduced a resolution that would allow Floridians to vote on the matter in 2012. Now, state Sen. Larcenia Bullard, a Miami Democrat, has stepped up to sponsor the bill in the Senate.

"That's a compassion issue," Sessions said while introducing the bill in October. "It's a issue of people in this state that are going through tough times and a lot of physical pain and if they want to use this particular drug as opposed to a more heavy prescription narcotic I don't think there's any reason why we shouldn't let them."

The bill still has a long way to go before coming before voters. The referendum would have to pass both the House and Senate by 3/5th majorities before it goes to ballot before the people. That could prove a difficult task in Florida's heavily Republican controlled Legislature.

Sixty percent of voters would then have to vote in favor of the amendment. A poll earlier this year found that 57 percent of Floridians are in favor of medical marijuana.

A medical marijuana amendment could still come up to vote, though, even if this particular measure dies in the legislature. People United for Medical Marijuana is collecting signatures to put a similar amendment on the ballot.

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medical alarm
medical alarm

  Absolutely amazing!  I love all the creativity & color!

Jack Spratts
Jack Spratts

This is an issue I've spent time and money trying to bring to the forefront. I appreciate the support Senator Bullard, however I have serious concerns about the amendment as it is written. Two doctors need for a recommendation? Legislature decides on appropriate amount needed by patients? If we pass a poor Constitutional Amendment we can't override it with a new law, the amendment will have to be changed which is much more difficult than passing a law if I'm not mistaken. Let's do this, but let's do it right. Do what's right for the public and avoid concentrating on minimizing it's uptake. PUFMM's original amendment is a much better solution in my opinion.


State Sen. Larcenia Bullard... What a name!

Charles Queen
Charles Queen

Lets face reality and the facts.The reality is that the only thing washington does is to waste literaly meg billions a year in an attempt to keep it from the people which is a total failure.Yearly yields continue to outdo prevous years yields and thats not including whats smuggled into the country from mexico.The states waste mega milions,same reults.With all of the research that contiues and has been goin on for decades as well as study's done here and all aorund the world eveything is always positive results and no negatives.All o these peopl and university's and labs are not wrong.Marijuana is harmless.It dies not cause deaths or deseases.Leagilising for adult use nation wide would wipe out the national deficit within 304 years or sooner,put every state in the black within 2-3 years easily.Take care of S.S./SSI/military disability and medicare and a host of other much needed programs with tons of moeny still left over.No,it is not the perfect fix it but it would fix all of these things which are tearing our country to pieces literaly.would give washingtone lots of time to come uo with a real and viable working plan to get us back up and on our feet.Would all but cause the mexican drug cartels to dry up considering that maeijuana is their number one source of income to operate with.We the peole need to stop playing the games with washington and stop asking and start demanding.They work for us,not the other way around.They need to do as we say,and we say legaliswe it.77 percent of Americans fel it should be legalised for medicinal purposes,those are big numbers and no way can that many people be ignored.Legalisation go's way beyond making it just legal for a person to use,it's positive aspects are way to many to list here while te negative aspects are virtually almost nill.e need to start demanding the legalisation of marijuana for adult use nation wide.It is the most intelligent and logical thing our government could do at this point in time,especially with the economy and everything else the way it is today.If enough people can ban together and start doing forced marches on washington,I'm talking over a million at a time and keep doing it one after the other,it just might get their attention


You are absolute correct although I feel all Adult should be free to use cannabis it will still take time for the world to unlearn the brain washing and damage that our govt. has caused However we have a major health care issue and many of the same brain washed Reefer Madness victim  will now find re-leaf in cannabis use.  I have been a user since 1968 and the only down side is the smell and bad laws.  Today I find my self having to make the choice I feel of loosing my feet along with other ailment or growing a few plants and I am always running out of it.  I don't tell any body about it sell or give away any. The problem is there are two many variable in MMJ and restriction.  Medical Cannabis is different than than the tree high plants  that are troops guard in Afghanistan.  First of all there are three variety's of cannabis one is more uplifting and  one is more of a sedative  the other is use more to  tweak size and growing cycles in hybrids.  Today we have many cross bred strains offering different results most  cannabis users prefer a variety because you can build a tolerance to one stain and a variety of strains  work best for the medical user.  Also one plant will flowers at 18 inches another at 12 feet one can flower at 6 weeks another takes 4 months and the THC levels and canabinoids can very from a mild 10% to a high of 30% So there is not a cookey cutter solution.  People need the freedom to choose for them self along with their health care professorial.  This is a plant that any body can grow like tomatoes for penny's a pound safe and effective  think of the billion in health care savings. If we can keep big Pharma out of it. Better than Chicken soup.

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