Naples Firefighter Arrested for Seeking Threesome with Teenage Girl and Her Mom

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The threesome? The Holy Grail of any straight dude's sexual desire. The mother-daughter threesome? A little strange, but we guess if everything remains legal and everyone is consenting, uh, OK. The mother-under-aged daughter threesome? Not only is that illegal and immoral, but it represents such a messed-up family dynamic of parental abuse that it should kill the boner of any dude with even half a conscience.

Eric Lentovich, a 36-year-old member of the East Naples Fire Department, apparently doesn't have a conscience, if the charges against him are true. He's been arrested for allegedly trying to set up a threesome with a woman and her 14-year-old daughter.

Lentovich had replied to an online ad that seemed to have been placed by the mother. He had arranged to travel from Collier to rural Hardee County to meet with the woman and set up the threesome.

But he was actually setting up a date with the Hardee County Sheriff's office. The deputies had set up an online sting.

"He said it was a fantasy for him," Hardee County Sheriff's Major Randy Dey told the Naples Daily News.

Lentovich circled the house where he believed the woman and her daughter lived several times before parking. He was promptly arrested, and deputies found a box of condoms in his truck. He's been charged with soliciting a minor and traveling to meet a minor.

Lentovich has been put on leave without pay. East Naples Fire Department officials will wait until the case is settled through the courts to decide his future as a firefighter. A preliminary investigation shows that he probably did not use any computers owned by the Department to set up the rendezvous.

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What ever happen on this case? I have not seen a follow up. Hope he didn't get out of these charges....


Would like to see what the ad they posted said. If it clearly stated '14 yr old daughter' or the ad was written up in the daughter's 1st person point of view, then shit...this guy really is a fuck up. But if it is not clear that the daughter was 14 according to the ad, then I'm not completely sure what the fuc0k this is all about? Entrapment :)


yes, it's a bit sick, but how is this not entrapment?

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