Ozzie Guillen Kissing Dog on ESPN Mag Cover (Sort of Like One of Our Most Notorious Covers)

New Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen hasn't been in town for that long, but is it possible he's been looking through past Miami New Times covers for photo shoots? He's pictured on the cover of the newest edition of ESPN The Magazine in a full on kiss with his pet dog, and it looks quite similar to one of our most controversial covers from 2009.

On the left: The cover of ESPN's upcoming Interview issue. On the right: A cover from a 2009 issues of New Times
As far as we can tell, ESPN uses a man-dog kiss to illustrate how "colorful" Ozzie is. Our cover, which was also used on the cover of that week's New Times Broward-Palm Beach, was used to illustrate a story about bestiality. We're not saying there's any intentional copying going on here. We're just, uh, merely noting the interesting choice.

It makes us wonder what other New Times covers Ozzie might want to recreate. Perhaps he wants to strip down and slap on some silver body paint?

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hey wats up i just wanted to know if you could poop on my head

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

inter-species erotica?

Something a little less demonic, please?

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