"Swinging Richards" Male Strip Club Concerns North Miami Beach Residents

North Miami Beach residents aren't so concerned that there's a new gay strip joint in town. They're more concerned about the club's name: Swinging Richards. For you slow folk out there, that pretty much translates to "Swinging Dicks." While it's certainly an apt name for a male strip club, some residents don't appreciate the bluntness.

Swinging Richards has operated a club in Atlanta since 1996, and late last month opened a second location on 17450 Biscayne Blvd. Unlike other local gay bars which feature go-go boys -- like the recently opened Johnny's in downtown -- the dancers don't keep their junk locked up in tiny briefs on stage. They let it all hang out. Hence the controversial name.

"I think they are just concerned about what it means and what kids are going to think and what we are kind of known for, sort of," North Miami Beach Councilwoman Barbara Kramer told NBC Miami.

Though, everyone NBC Miami talked to wanted to empathize that it wasn't so much that it was a gay strip club they were upset about, as much as just the name. The location they've opened in has housed previous adult establishment.

This isn't the first strip club name hullabaloo in Miami-Dade. BT's Gentlemen Club in South Miami, for example, is not owned by a man named BT. The club, which features fully nude female dancers, used to be known as the Booby Trap.

Maybe the club could find another name: Peen Station, Cock of the Walks, Wiener Hut, Boner Yard, The Tool Box, Dongville, Chode Plaza, Banana Stand, Love Shaft Shack, or Captain Winky's.

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you people seriously didnt know dick was a nickname for richard?


Psssttt...Kyle... perhaps we could get together and make up names for naughty parts. I sometimes do this when I'm bored. And I'm a girl ! Go figure.....


Its people with no lives who want to make such a stink over a name......in all my years as a gay man I never heard it called 'RICHARD"............now PETER is a different story....I have already been and its a very classy and upcale club best one in South Florida....Thanks for bringing a little bit of Atlanta to Florida....

Anon Ondabeach
Anon Ondabeach

oh please! what about a Hooters restaurant ? That ok? I didn't even know what a "Richard" stop for...and Im as gay as you get.


These residents must know that there are those like me who never knew nor cared what a Swinging Richard was. That is, until they raised enough of a stink to have the New Times explain it to me.

Thanks, guys, for running your fool mouths, and accomplishing the perfect opposite of your intention.

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