Three Men Arrested for Shooting Trick-or-Treating Kids with Paintballs

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Three young men have been arrested after shooting a group of children dressed up in Halloween costumes while trick-or-treating in North Miami. Marc Dolcine, 18, Rodson Travine, 19, and Darrel Labranche, 21, are now facing charges of aggravated battery.

A holiday safety enforcement detail witnessed the three pull up in a car near Northeast Seventh Avenue and 132nd Street and opened up fire on a group of children.

Darrel Labranche, Marc Dolcine, and Radson Travine
The chunky trio tried to flee but were stopped by a North Miami police officer and arrested.

All three are now in jail with bonds set at $7,500 each.

Though not deadly, paintballs can still cause harm, especially to young children. A direct hit to an unprotected eye can cause loss of vision.

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"the chunky trio" LMAO!


People such as these give a bad name to a great sport. My guess is they have never stepped foot on a paintball field and have no respect for the game. We should remember to punish the criminals and not the tools used to commit the crime.


1. any parent worth their salt wouldn't let their children go trick or treating in North Miami, unsupervised2.any parent worth their salt would be packing when taking their children trick or treating in North Miami3.any parent worth their salt would have pulled their own trigger, with real bullets, 3 times, taking care of these 3 human waste products and relieving the taxpayers of paying for their jail time, this time, and what will most certainly be many more future times

Brian Ladwig
Brian Ladwig

Wow you are a moron, you condemn violence against children by recommending more violence with a guaranteed fatal outcome? Congratulations you idiot.

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