Video: Graffiti Artist Above Putting Together His Now Famous Hanging Banker

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A graffiti artist's effigy of a banker hanging alongside Miami's I-95 has struck a global chord. Since we first reported on the suit-and-tie (and head-covering sack) wearing mannequin that guerrilla artist Above hung to complement his Occupy Miami-themed 255-foot-long mural reading "Give a Wall Street banker enough rope and he will hang himself", it's gone viral.

Those haughty Brits at the Daily Mail are debating it, and the always levelheaded folks at Fox have deemed it "sick."

Today, Above sent us a video showing the making of the piece that has gotten more attention than any Occupy Wall Street-themed artwork. It even shows him picking out the doomed dummy.

By the way, last time we checked earlier this week, the banker was still hanging.

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Nate Phillips
Nate Phillips

He must have worked for the former BOA but has moved on to a new job at the DOA where he has been hanging out.


I saw him still hanging there today.


Mothaf_ckin' Michaelangelo I tell ya...

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