Vintage Miami News Blooper: "Fuck It, We Getting Out of This Joint"

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Back in the '80s, Miami's Channel 6 used to be a CBS affiliate with the call letters WCIX. Also, apparently, all of their reporters signed off with profanity-ridden slang catch phrases. Well, at least one did. And now, for some reason, more than two decades later, a blooper has hit the web of former reporter Joyce Evans broadcasting live from Miami police headquarters before declaring, "Fuck it, we getting out of this joint."

Granted, given today's announcement of a federal investigation, if we were an unarmed young black person, we'd probably want to get away from the Miami Police Department as fast as possible too.

Evans is now one of the main anchors at the Fox affiliate in Philadelphia. Channel 6 is now owned by NBC, goes by the call letters WTVJ, and is mired in low ratings. 

Maybe we'd still watch it if their reporters signed off with "Fuck it" all the time. Get to it, Amara Sohn.

[via The Daily What]

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leslie  lopez
leslie lopez

 didnt channel 6 and 4 swapped networks or something like that ... not sure if they were bought ..


lol, you can take the homey from the hood, but youll never take the hood from the homey!

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

She goes from being wholesome white bread tv reporter to ghetto ho in one second.


Do a Youtube search for 'WCIX Christmas' and you can see Al Sunshine flipping the bird and their announcer wishing everyone 'a merry f**cking Christmas.'

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