Whale with Scoliosis Fitted with Back Brace at SeaWorld

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​After beaching herself in the Florida Keys in May, a female pilot whale named "300" developed severe scoliosis during his rehabilitation at Sea World in Orlando. So, SeaWorld teamed with a Florida orthopedic surgery to create a special back brace for the whale.

The scoliosis meant that 300 could not properly use her tail, which impeded her ability to swim. Obviously, when you're a whale, your swimming ability is of primary concern. So SeaWorld called up Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic and created a brace for the whale. Watch video of the poor whale, who clearly has a severely crooked spine, before the brace below:

While this if the first time such a device has been used on such a large whale, they hope that over time the whale's spine will straighten out enough so she can regain her proper swimming ability.

Hopefully the other whales won't tease her, but we all know the gentle giants are nowhere nearly as cruel as middle schoolers.

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Wow, I have scoliosis too, I never knew that animals and mammals could get scoliosis too! I found this really interesting!


STOP keeping wild animals in captivity!!!!!!!!


am I the only one who noticed the article said a FEMALE that completed HIS rehab?


So how did they figure out the whale had scoliosis? Can whales have scoliosis surgery? What is the likelihood of the brace's success?

End Cetacean Slavery
End Cetacean Slavery

What is really cool is when people trap and kill Cetaceans for the entertainment of humans and monetary gain. They may save some animals but they trap train and enslave others to make $.

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