Castro, Chavez Make Top Ten List of World's Worst Dictators

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We just usually read Parade magazine for Howard Huge cartoons and "Ask Marilyn," but the magazine actually keeps a somewhat frequently updated list of the world's worst dictators. For the first time this year, Raúl Castro and Hugo Chávez made the top ten list.

Granted, a number of dictators who made the last edition of the list are no longer alive, let alone in power. Libya's Muammar Gadhafi and North Korea's Kim Jong-Il (whom the magazine was set to name number one before his sudden death) both died this year. Burma's Than Shwe resigned.

As a result, Cuba's Raúl Castro and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez have now risen into the top ten.

Castro comes in at number seven, with the magazine noting, "selectively-enforced prohibition on the unauthorized assembly of more than three people, which is punishable with up to three months in prison and a fine, and a "dangerousness" provision that allows the government to imprison people who seem like they might commit a crime in the future."

Meanwhile, the ailing Chavez comes in at ninth. The magazine declares that he's "squelched freedom of the press, persecuted members of the political opposition by arresting and jailing them, stripped power from once-autonomous universities, and turned the independent judiciary into an instrument to hand down heavy sentences to political opponents.

No other leaders in the West make the list. In the wake of Kim Jung-il's death, Eritrea's Isaias Afewerki was named to the number one spot.

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Chavez is not a dictator.  Venezuela is a democratic country with internationally monitored elections.  The US needs international monitors in our elections.

James Savik
James Savik

Chavez is a greasy little con man with drug lords in one pocket and the Castro's in the other. He's been playing with fire for years now and sooner or later the volatile mix is going to blow up in his face.


Wow, I thought for sure that G W Bush would make the top of that list lol.www.Total-Privacy dot US

Roger Labrecque
Roger Labrecque

that's the  Amaricain opinion not the rest of the world  no body should be surprise about their opinion, they don't like socialism so ..  what, its nothing news there Chavez the best leadre even if U.S said something about him , we don't have to believe everything U.S.A said


As a Venezuelan, I can tell that this called "President" is the worst in our history, forget about his lack of education, you just have to walk in any city or town of my country to see how devastating has been his work, nothing works properly, education, health system, etc.  just to say you need an ID, you have to wait at least 5 hours just to get a number to do it and when you're done there be another 12 or 18 months to get the official one. So my point is, it is not matter to believe or not what world press says is to live under this kind of system, for sure if you want some sugar for your tea, you are free to go to a store and buy some, Venezuelans too...the inconvenient there is nothing in food stores. Get it now?

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