Charlie Crist Gets Called a "Big Dick" by Wife's Ex After Child Abandonment Court Case

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Even the dramas of Tallahassee seem enviable to the bizarre family court case ex-Gov. Charlie Crist now finds himself in the center of. Crist married the then-Carole Rome during his term as Governor, and the two made plans to integrate Carol's two daughters into their lives. Now however, the girl's father, Todd Rome, the head of the Blue Star Jets company, says that Carole Crist has abandoned her teenage daughters and thinks Charlie is a big ol' dick. 

"She refused to attend her daughter's graduation, visit them at summer camp or attend their birthdays," a source told Page Six at the time. 

Mrs. Crist lives with Charlie in St. Petersburg, while the daughters live with their father in the Hamptons. 

Rome filed suit and both Crists found themselves in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday morning in a dramatic court case. 

Rome claimed that Mrs. Crist had failed to pay child support, but the judge noted that the couple had previously reached an agreement stating that she is not liable for child support. Rome's attorney however is asking that Crist be made to visit her daughters. 

"It was most apparent today that Mrs. Crist's purported heartless disconnect from both her devastated teenage daughters and her alleged severance of the maternal bond shocked the good conscience of all courtroom observers, and drew genuine tears of pain from my client ... who begged the court for help," Rome's attorney, Mark Heller, told the New York Post

An attorney for Carole Crist, however, claimed that Rome was manipulating his children, and made one his daughters write a letter to the court claiming that Carole had picked the ex-Gov over her children. 

The drama was not confined to the courthouse. Once outside, a Post source claimed Rome started shouting at Mr. Crist. 

"Nice going, Charlie. Nice look. Big dick! Big dick! Be really proud of yourself, Charlie!" he reportedly yelled. 

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awww filthy rich families in trouble. This woman Carol chose to leave her children over a man, claimed she wanted a simple life because that's how she was brought up by her parents. Wow, really?? Are you listening to what you're saying?

Karma is imminent in many ways possible...I feel sorry for your daughters God knows how the madrasta is treating them.

And who calls another Man Big Dick? Unless you've been with them..roll eyes :P

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost 1 Like

Only Charlie's many boyfriends are allowed to say that he has a big dick.

P_Nis 1 Like

Kids sound like they're really roughing it out at the Hamptons.


Todd Rome lives and works hard for his children they are his life.I worked for him.He gace Carole everything she is a spoiled princess.How a mother can leaves two innocent girls is beyond me, i am a single mother of two no man could ever come between me and them.Lucky Todd got remarried and they have a real family.


@Sharirobeck aww that's go back to work! Enough of your kiss assing!


It is pretty sketchy to abandon your daughters.


@BigOlDick it's not sketchy, that's what you do if you're a money hungry, power grabbing whore!

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