Dade Heritage Trust Wants to Protect Ugly Miami Herald Building

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The fight over Genting's casino-fueled plans for the current site of the Miami Herald building has been thrown a hitch by an unlikely party: the Dade Heritage Trust. You see, they think that big brown and beige box which is basically at this point a glorified backdrop for giant Apple iPad banner ads, is worthy of being deemed a protected landmark despite being less than 50 years old.

The Herald, in a piece that rings of a certain "Yay, you think our old building is special" prideful tone, lays out the Dade Heritage Trust's argument.

  • The building is apparently an example of local MiMo architecture. This, despite the fact it was designed by a Chicago firm. The same firm that also designed the very similar (and now demolished) Chicago Sun-Times building. So, really how locally significant could the style of architecture be? Genting's plans may be a whole other type of ugly, but at least its ugly designed by Miami architects.
  • The trust thinks the significance the Herald has played in local affairs throughout the city's history should be considered. Though, that seems more like something best upheld in the current pages of the paper, and not in the building it happens to have been put together in.
  • It's "iconic."

For anyone who thinks this is some sort of anti-casino move on the part of the trust, think again.

"Could this building be incorporated into a casino? Of course it can,'' planner and co-author of MiMo: Miami Modern Revealed Randall Robinson tells the Herald.

Slots in Dave Berry's old office? The Carl Hiaason Roulette Wheel?

Genting could even build around the site, and build a tower on top. Of course, Genting has bigger hurdles to overcome than preservation boards. Namely, the state legislature. If Genting is unsuccessful in bringing full service casinos to Florida, it could move to cut its losses and sell the property. Though, a historic designation for the Herald building could stymie any future, possible non-casino development plans as well.

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Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez

Who are these people people running the Dade Heritage Trust and why do they think they can decide if the Miami Herald building stays or gets torn down.  I have never heard anyone say they liked the look of the herald building.  Everyone ALWAYS complains about the horrific architectural design.  Most people hope ht building gets turns down and were happy when Genting bought the property to develop a casino.  The Dade Heritage Trust is letting themselves be used as a tool in defeating gambling.  They should loose their non profit status.


The Miami Herald building is a monstrosity. It blocks the view of the bay. The notion of declaring it an historic site is absurd. Are the people of this organization idiots or are they getting paid off? It's a cute scheme but the people of Miami aren't that stupid.

Casinos are for losers
Casinos are for losers

The lobbyists who are being paid by Genting are now writing on this blog trying to force the public to not hate casinos.

Casinos are for losers.


This building is not even attractive. Its time we get rid of the monstrocity and put something beautiful in its place. This is just another move from the anti-gaming lobbyists to stop the Casino Resort bill and its BS

No to casinos
No to casinos

Mega casinos have no place in Miami.

Nevada leads the nation in crime, foreclosures, rapes and divorce. Who needs that in Miami?


I suppose the building would have some significance in a low class, plastic pink flamingo kind of way. But what would you expect ... it's Miami.

Eric Elza
Eric Elza

It is time we move forward. The time for a change is now! Dade Heritage Trust has flushed Millions down the DRAIN safe The Herald Building? Once upon a time we could have had a Disney World. We voted down a $150,000,000 Major League Baseball Stadium on what later would became Bi Centennial Park with it own Homeless Colony,People Mover and Metro Rail Stop.Now we have a 35,000 seat covered stadium at the site of the Orange Bowl for 15 times what would have cost in the early 1970s.Our Hurricanes evicted almost to Broward County for the land that the Orange Bowl stood so proudly on. Never again a Miami High -Edison Thanksgiving Day stand off before 60,000 screaming citizen who $2 to go the game.The Trust panders to wishes of South Beach Lobbyist, Carnival Cruise Line owner Arinson,as well as the Seminole's Hard Rock and the Horse and Dog Track owner all with hand in the gambling pot. They are all afraid of Las Vegas style gambling. The time has come for our youth to step up and stop as this Good Buddy stuff  and bulldoze that monster on the Bay!  Maybe we want need the Red Light Cameras to steal the money from our citizens!!!!!!!


Notice how all the anti genting stories bring out these kinds of pro gaming long winded comments?

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