Fernando Villa, DUI Cop, Was Involved in Two Fatal Shootings and Beating a Man with Down Syndrome

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​On December 6, a Miami-Dade cop named Fernando Villa made national headlines by passing out drunk behind the wheel of his squad car, naked but for a pair of cargo shorts, with only his drunken foot preventing the vehicle from rolling into a busy West Kendall intersection.

The 32-year-old officer has been charged and suspended, but Riptide decided to dig deeper into his police file. What we found is scary: eight internal investigations, some with disturbing allegations.

The most serious allegations date back to October 2007. Villa's sister, Mercy Fiallo, claimed the cop headbutted and choked her during an argument at her house in Oviedo. "Fuck you, bitch. I feel like killing you," Villa supposedly told her. Villa denied hitting or threatening her, and Fiallo's complaint was not sustained.

Two years later, Villa was one of three cops in black, unmarked cars to spot Delroy Hibbert allegedly smoking a joint in Opa-locka. According to police, Hibbert fell while trying to flee over a fence. But Hibbert told investigators that Villa had kicked and elbowed him in his head so hard that he "defecated in his pants." Both Hibbert's mother and a neighbor said they saw cops hitting him, but his complaint was also dropped.

This past September 10, Villa and another officer were patrolling Kendall when they stopped 22-year-old Gilberto Powell. According to reports, Villa "observed a bulge in the area of Mr. Powell's waistband" and ordered a pat-down. But Powell became "combative" and tried to get away. As he and Villa scuffled, Powell hit his head on the pavement. Then Villa struck him in the face and handcuffed him. Not until Powell's father arrive did cops realize the young man had Down syndrome and the "bulge" at his waist was a colostomy bag; Villa was not punished for the incident.

Then there is Villa's role in two deadly police-involved shootings this year. As a member of a heavily armed special team, Villa was present April 19 when cops shot and killed Durrall Miller. Miller was wanted for firing at police several days earlier, but he was unarmed when shot.

And June 30, Villa was one of 11 officers to open fire during a raid in the Redland. The flurry of bullets killed three robbery suspects and Rosendo Betancourt, a cooperating defendant. He had tipped off the cops to the crime ring but ended up with two bullets in his head.

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matt gordon
matt gordon

Some of the blame for Villa's egregious violent actions being condoned and tolerated must rest with state atty Rundle's office for choosing not to pursue prosecution. The prosecutors would not likely drop charges with two cops supporting a third officer's story, but with two people supporting Hibbert's version against Villa, amazingly no charges result.

All due respect to cops for the challenging work they do, but they are also given the power to detain and arrest and with such power there should be higher expectations for behavior than for non-LEO citizens. If a cop issues a speeding ticket and the driver punches the cop, the offender will not get a pass by saying "Hey, my bad, but I had a rough day at work." Why such behavior is tolerated within their own agencies is no longer understandable since the rogue cops diminish citizens' respect for the whole dept as well as causing budget problems with cases being settled and other officers' having to wait for pay raises and such. The rogue violent cops with sociopath traits like Villa are very expensive to keep on staff and the ripple effect of their propensity for excessive violence means that he is not showing any respect for fellow cops yet still acts with impunity and is cleared by his own agency, state attorney and a segment of the population still deifies him for the violence they are too cowardly to commit.




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michael wind
michael wind

law enforcement in south florida is a group of criminals in uniform and guns,doing every possible crime,extortion,protecting the criminals,writing false reports,the smaler the department the more corrupt,like bay harbor islands,surfside,bal harbour,sunny isles beach,they all must be closed and let miami dade take over the police duty there.....


Surprised? With the asshats over at IA this kind of thing goes on all the time. What say you director Loftus?

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