Florida Man Arrested for Trying to Buy Pot at Burger King Drive-Thru

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Sure, Burger King probably makes tons of money from stoners. Who else is going to eat half that menu? Lets be honest, who do you think all those bizarre ads they ran for years were targeted at? But BK is not in the business of selling pot. Thirty-two-year-old Shawn Porter of Deltona, Florida found that out the hard way when he tried to order a "blunt and some herbs" at the drive-through.

Porter was obviously joking when he made the request, but the cashier decided to be a total narc about it. After smelling the stench of marijuana wafting from his car, the cashier jotted down Porter's license plate and then a supervisor called police.

We guess you really can't have it your way all the time at Burger King.

Police ran Porter's tag numbers through a database to find his home address, and when he returned an officer was waiting for him.

The officer searched Porter's car and found 28 grams of marijuana. Porter was arrested for drug possession.

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This is news? People getting arrested for smoking pot when it is going to be legal in most states soon? Some states all you have to do is tell your doctor that your wife is stressing you out and you get a script. 


The guy's in the car should of called 911 (does anyone know how to use an EMERGENCY service anymore?) and reported Burger King for compromising societies health with the tripe they label 'food'. 

Certainly there are far more health complications caused by the fat laden, sodium drenched offerings at BK, than cannabis ever caused.

Rothchilds main bitch.
Rothchilds main bitch.

oh fuck that lady, fire in the hole raid anyone? i bet he drove by after postin bail and blew smoke at the bitch. Like a BAWS. lololol shes still working in bk.  Who da king now bitch?


Occupy Burger King!!!

D Rowe
D Rowe

Should be noted that in Florida, 28 grams (1 ounce) is felony marijuana posession 

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