Florida Man Convinced His Mistress to Have Sex with 7-Year-Old Girl to Prove Her Love

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A late entry in the race for the title of 2011's most depressingly, shake-your-faith in humanity, horrible shell of a human: Christopher P. Smith, 32, of Kissimmee, Florida. Smith's twisted tale is one of adultery, manipulation, and, most sickening of all, pedophilia, according to police.

Margaret Ann O'Neill, 26, a woman who isn't exactly lacking the horribleness and twisted department herself, says that Smith manipulated her into having sex with a seven-year-old girl in order to prove her love for him.

Smith had been cheating on his wife with O'Neill and promised to leave his wife to be with O'Neill under one condition: O'Neill would have to have sex with the young girl.

"She was led to believe that by giving herself to Smith's sexual appetites proves her love for him," read a sheriff's report obtained by the Orlando Sentinel.

So, O'Neill had sex with the girl three times in the past year.

Smith himself had also been raping the girl. Videos of the assaults were found on his cellphone.

As if Smith wasn't horrible enough, the Orange County Sheriff's deputies were actually tipped off by another of Smith's mistresses who claims he had tried to do the same with her.

Both Smith and O'Neill were arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual battery on a child under 12.

The victim, now 8, is in counseling.

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I hope that both of them are put under the prison forever. Wait, general population might be better. I hope that anything that he has done to his victims is done back to him but 1000 times worse!


give him the chair don't waste tax payer money on this piece of shit


@0cfe313acb39ffb8e11991eb03b5fc1f:disqus maybe someone in prison should send him to Jesus and he can see if he recognizes him...


Yup, I think its safe to assume this dude has some serious issues. Wow.www.Total-Privacy dot US

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