Gambling Industry Fueling Next Year's Election Season

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The Seminole Tribe of Florida plunked down $100,000 to the Republican Party of Florida in its fight to keep its monopoly.
In the past year, parimutuel and casino companies have contributed over a million dollars to state legislators and Republican political action committees as the gambling industry gears up for a combative legislative session in 2012. The stakes are high. State Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff and Rep. Erik Fresen have drafted two bills that would regulate existing parimutuel gambling centers and allow Miami-Dade and Broward voters an opportunity to approve mega-casino resorts, but cuts out the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

Banana Republican spent the past two days analyzing campaign finance reports for every state legislator running for reelection and several political action committees to determine just how much the Seminoles and their competitors, including but not limited to, Malaysian-based Genting, which wants to build a casino resort on the site of the Miami Herald, and Magic City Casino, the former Flagler Dog Track that won voter approval to have slot machines and card games at its parimutuel facility.

We broke down who's giving to whom and how much with graphs:

​The Republican Party of Florida has received gobs of loot from the gambling industry showing the G.O.P is in firm control of the state legislature.

Instead of making it rain on multiple state legislators, the Seminole Tribe has made one big lump donation to the Republican Party of Florida. 

Genting has raised the most of its competitors with a whopping $185,960 going to the state G.O.P. committee and three other Republican political action committees. 

Magic City Casino's owners, like other parimutuel companies in south Florida, seem to prefer a strategy that spreads the wealth. The company gave $77,500 to the Republican Party and $23,000 split among seven legislators.


Five legislators, including Bogdanoff, received $1,500 a piece from Gulfstream Park. The race track also gave $55,000 to the G.O.P.
Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach raised $86,000 for the GOP and a slew of state representatives and senators. 

​The biggest threat to the gambling industry is the Walt Disney Co., which is vehemently opposed to expanding casinos in Florida. Mickey Mouse is not taking any chances, dropping contributions on lawmakers who are for and against gambling.

You can view a breakdown of all the contributions given to each political action committee and state legislator that received in the spreadsheet below:Gambling Political Contributions

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Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez

Disney is the worst.  They buy up all the politicians in Florida.  Look at the numbers.  Disney controls more legislatures and other political figures than any other company in Florida.  That is why it is going to be so difficult to get this destinations resort Bill passed - because Disney's influence runs deep and they intend to keep their monopoly on destination resorts in Florida.


That actually makes a lot of sense to me dude. Wow.www.Total-Privacy dot US


This is just one reason I'm running against Bogdanoff. Then there is her blocking E-Verify and Co-Sponsoring discount tuition for Illegal’s in the state of Florida and she supports the bullet train to nowhere. My name is Mike Lameyer visit my website  and I will need your support.

Casinos are for losers
Casinos are for losers

This is Florida, "A sunny place for shady people."

It is so easy to influence weak corrupt public officials. Look at Erik Feisen and Marc Sarnoff. Two dopes who count on getting rich off the taxpayers.

Urban Bitch
Urban Bitch

Very interesting, I was incredibly concerned about the upcoming legislative session. I honestly believed that the casino legislation would pass without a hitch; however it seems almost beneficial that these major corporations have conflicting interests and are dividing our corrupt politician’s interests. Yay cannibalism!

Urban Bitch
Urban Bitch

Anyone else getting an access denied message for the graphics?

Corrupt elected officials
Corrupt elected officials

It is disgusting that casino operators and the foreign companies promoting gambling that hope to dupe greedy Florida elected officials are paying so much money to buy votes.

Hopefully voters will see through the lies and the corruption.

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