Jose Mallea, Newt Gingrich's New Florida Chief, Has A Miami House In Foreclosure

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​Out on the campaign trail, Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich hasn't shown a ton of empathy toward the millions going through foreclosures. But maybe his new Florida campaign chief can change his tune with his own personal story of housing hell.

Former Marco Rubio campaign chief Jose Mallea -- who was just hired this week to direct Gingrich's Sunshine State efforts -- has a house in Coral Way in foreclosure proceedings.

Mallea is a well-connected local GOP operative with ties to City Hall and Jeb Bush's administration, but his star rose last year when he ran Marco Rubio's Tea Party-tastic rise to the U.S. Senate.

Gingrich, who has lately been rocketing up the polls in Florida, picked him on Monday to head his efforts in the state, presumably in a bid to tie his campaign to Rubio's golden boy act with local voters.

Mallea is fighting the Branch Banking and Trust Company in Miami-Dade Circuit Court over a mortgage foreclosure on a property at SW 27th Ave. and 13th Street, records show.

The bank filed for foreclosure on the house last April, and property records show that Mallea is well underwater on the home. He bought it along with Helena Poleo in February 2008 -- aka the height of Miami's housing bubble -- for $290,000. Today, it's valued at almost half that, at $159,000.

Mallea, who also owns Coral Gables' Local Craft Food & Drink, didn't respond to a message left at his restaurant or to another left with Gingrich's national press office. Poleo, reached on her cell phone, referred comment to Mallea.

So what does Newt think about guys like his Florida chief of staff who end up in foreclosure?

Well, in recent debates he's pushed for a repeal of the Democratic legislation that forces banks to work with debtors who are underwater. Gingrich argues that with no rules in place, banks will have more freedom to help struggling homeowners.

It's a curious argument that even Greta Van Sustren has trouble digesting:

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José Mallea:Yo soy un cubanoamericano de 69 años de edad. Estoy retirado. Soy Ingeniero Electricista y escritor de novelas, algunas de ellas publicadas. Vivo en Miami. Estoy muy preocupado por el destino de nuestro país, no por mi sino por mis hijos y mis nietos. Mi español es mas que perfecto, pero mi ingles no lo es tanto como yo deseo. Si puedo contribuir, no con dinero sino con tiempo, que vale mas que el dinero, estoy dispuesto a hacerlo. Creo que es un mometo coyuntural en el destino de este país. Un segundo termino de Barack Hussein Obama provocaría daños irreversibles en los Estados Unidos. Creo que puedo ayudar, dejame saber.


Roland M
Roland M

As always, Media gives a little bit of information. Unless the Media is blind, which we all know it is. Dodd-Frank did nothing to the big banks, it has done nothing to prevent the Fraud the banks are committing. The only thing Dodd-Frank accomplished was to shut out of the market the small businesses that made their living in the Financial industry. Dodd-Frank was the Iron fist used to kill small business in that market. In Mr. Dimon's own words, "we got rid of the problem, the Brokers are gone, now leave us be". Any clearer who was behind the Dodd-Frank bill?Whether Newt's comments are in context with the legislation or not, the only way to know is to ask what elements of the bill he is addressing. Lest not no one forget there is 2000 plus pages in that act.


bought for $ 290K, valued at $ 159K today, probably worth about $ 98-110K back in 2000/2001 before the fraud & abuse really started to multiply like a cancer ? Anyway, $ 159K is too much for it, it might be worth $ 80K and that might even be too generous ?


Gingrich is the living embodiment of lies,sleaze and corruption. No doubt many in Miami-Dade will find him to be the perfect candidate.


I guess for you Obama is the president we have ever had.  If he's in office another 4 years we will all have homes in foreclosure.


Please explain how YOU in particular will be in foreclosure. Walk us through how four more years of President Obama being in office will lead to you or your neighbors going into foreclosure. Please don't leave out any steps or details. Also, let us know your contingency plan since there is a possibility that he will get re-elected. What's your back-up plan? The election is about eleven months out, so you have plenty of time to figure out plans B, C, and D. We'll be waiting.

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