Miami Cop Runs Police Car Up a Pole

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Sure we've already had local police officers driving 120 mph to get to their second jobs and passing out drunk and half-naked in their squad cars. Now we've got a City of Miami officer who somehow managed to drive his police car up a pole this morning. No, literally, up a pole.

Update: The officer has been identified as J. Brutus, and the reason he lost control of the car: a rogue pen.

The accident happened near NW Sixth Avenue and 67th Street in Miami early this morning.

via CBSMiami
CBS Miami reports that the officer, whose identity has not yet been released, "was momentarily distracted." The officer's car drove off the road and hit a guide wire on a telephone pole. His car managed to end up at a near 45-degree angle up the pole, and the officer was briefly trapped. He had to be rescued by the Miami Fire Department, but is OK following the accident.

What exactly was distracting the officer so much that he wound up driving off the road has not been officially explained. At least he wasn't driving an ATV on the beach.

Update: Here's the explanation the department just sent out:
On December 13, 2011, at approximately 5:50 A.M., Officer J. Brutus, a four year veteran, was involved in a one car accident in the area of N.W. 6th Ave and 69th Street. The officer was patrolling the area, when he reached for a fallen pen. Unknown to him, the patrol vehicle veered off to the left and onto a Florida Power and Light pole's tension cord. The officer was assisted out of the vehicle due to the instability, but suffered no injuries.
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why text when you can reach out and touch,better connection with land line ?

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

This is where we would normally be showing you an educational movie, "Blood On The Highway".

Rothchilds main bitch.
Rothchilds main bitch.

yo is it me or is the popo dept. in miami full of incompetent little bitches. im tired of the weekly incidents that the mofos get away with. speeding, throwing shit at each-other and passing out wasted in the squad car. Not to mention shooting black people at their discretion. way to get on the pole, brutus... haha lulz

glass slipper
glass slipper

The so-called "police ociffer"was probably playing with himself behind the wheel of his vehicle and got distracted when he was wiping his cumglob off the steering wheel only because it has become quite apparent that Miami "police ociffers" are nothing but a bunch of jerkoffs

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

The entire station is about to fall apart. It's like we're playing a game of twister and someone is about to spin that left foot yellow and everything is going to collapse.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

I keep a Kleenex under there because it sticks to my forehead.J. Brutus

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