Miami International Airport Gets Its Own Reality Show

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Reality television watchers love drama, dysfunction and dread, so it only makes sense that Miami International Airport is set to be the star of its own reality show, or excuse us, "docu-drama." The Travel Channel will start airing the program next year.

Currently the project is known only by its quite literal working title, Miami International Airport, and promises the show "provides a day-in-a-life at one of the country's busiest airports."

"This is a fantastic opportunity for national viewers to see some of our many hard-working and dedicated employees in action and the improvements we're making for the traveling public," Miami-Dade Aviation Department Assistant Director Lauren Stover said in a release, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "In cooperation with federal and local agencies and our other airport partners, we were able to arrange for the access necessary to make this show a first in television history."

Though, it's not actually at all a first in television history. In 1996, the BBC started broadcasting Airport, a look behind the scenes at London Heathrow Airport. The series was so successful ran for 10 seasons, and several specials.

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They have some of the rudest TSA people next to Detroit that I have ever had the displeasure to come in contact with and half of them don't speak english and the other half are just RUDE!!!

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

The travel channel better invest in some subtitles because NOBODY speaks English at MIA. Worst airport in America..... Scratch that, the world.


Why Travel Channel? WHY?????


Any chance we can get a Christmas special showing the horrible and rampant corruption, cronyism, and outright thievery that goes on behind locked doors at MIA?

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