Miami Ranked America's Vainest City

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Yes, that song is about us.
Well, excuse our beauty. Apparently if you ask us we have tons to go around here in Miami. According to a new LivingSocial survey Miami is America's vainest city.

The survey asked respondents to rank how others perceived their attractiveness on a scale of 1 to 10, and Miamians apparently ranked themselves the highest.

LivingSocial didn't reveal exactly how high Miamians rate themselves, but found nationally that at least 54 percent of respondents ranked themselves a seven or higher. Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix rounded out the top five. Meanwhile, perennial sad-sack city Cleveland ranked as the most insecure city. Obviously, their overall ego levels took a huge blow when LeBron left them for us.

Update: Apparently the Average Miamian thinks they're a 7.23. That's considerably higher than second place city Chicago where on average they rank themselves a 6.93. Yes, we're the only city who collectively ranked ourselves above a seven. 

Miamians apparently put a lot of work into their looks. When asked whether they had known someone who had gone under the knife, Miami came in first in a number of categories. We apparently know more people who have had laser hair removal, a tummy tuck, collagen injections, and liposuction than any of the 20 other cities. We came in second for facelifts, boob jobs, and lip enhancements. Interestingly we only came in 15th for hair transplants.

We were also first for respondents who said that they themselves had had hair coloring, a manicure/pedicure, a facial, or a wax in the past year.

While we may think a lot about ourselves, the results when asked about other people in the city were a bit less enthusiastic. Fifty-three percent of Miamians say that woman in our city are beautiful. We ranked only sixth in that category. Only 38 percent said that the men were handsome (ninth overall). We also came in first for respondents who agreed the men in the city are short.

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I have been in many cities around the world and I gotta say that Miami does have beautiful people.


So polls show miami is # 1 in the vainest,  # 1 in the stupidest # 1 in Crime and # 1 for the most unhealthiest people in the COUNTRY.In the 70's miami was # 1 in tourism, # 1 in beaches. We all know why it's changed. Very sad! Very, very sad! 


"Fifty-three percent of Miamians say that woman in our city are beautiful."

only one woman?


...and in other news, a new study concludes that the sky is blue. When we come back, decorating tips to help you and your family celebrate 'Obvious Day 2011!"

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