North Miami Men Arrested for Raping Eight-Month Pregnant Woman

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Ligunson Edmond and Jacques Davis Jean, both 21, have been arrested on charges that they raped an eight-month pregnant woman in North Miami on December 22nd. Edmond has already admitted to police that he forced the woman to have sex with him.

According to NBC Miami, the attack took place at Edmond's home in the 1700 block of Northeast 124th Street in North Miami. Edmond, Jean, the 21-year-old woman, and another unidentified man were inside the home at the time of the attack. The victim told police that the men took her into a bedroom and forced her to have sex with them, though the victim claims she was visiting Edmond. She told police that she did not know the other two men.

Police say that Edmond admitted he raped the woman, but in court this morning the pair both denied knowing her.

Police believe that the third man may have been involved in the attack, but he has so far not been arrested.

Both Edmond and Jean are being held on $25,000 bond.

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glass slipper
glass slipper

We need more Haitians. 

 Can't you see what strong work ethic and morals they bring to this country?

 These two can be personal ambassadors for the North Miami Haitian community and spread the word how the United States needs to let even more Haitians into this country because they are such a valuable assest.

Geoff Paugam
Geoff Paugam

Babay, se espwa ou gen plezi nan prizon!

Nicholas Molinaro
Nicholas Molinaro

These are the types of people that live in our county. Yikes.


I'm Haitian and on my way to medical school. In fact, you will find that many Haitians value education and are leaders in the community. Don't let this crime taint your view of us.

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