Pitbull Makes GQ's "Least Influential" List, But Not Ours; Meet Miami's Five Least Influential

​In the December issue of GQ magazine, our hometown boy Pitbull is the only Miamian to make the list of the "25 Least Influential People Alive." Tim Pawlenty claimed the top spot and others on the list with less clout than the Cuban-American rapper include actress Gwenyth Patrow, deposed Egyptian dictator Hosni Musbarak, and country music right-winger Hank Williams Jr. List author and Deadspin contributor Drew Magary writes: "Because who could be less influential than a guy whose music sounds like the aborted offspring of Nelly and Will.i.am?"

Well, tu no sabes nada chico! Not only is Pitbull a celebrity endorsement king, he has single-handedly made wearing all black really uncool, like sporting an Ed Hardy ensemble. Mr. Worldwide is a trendsetter, amigo!

So we came up with five more deserving Magic City denizens with less influence than a nickel bag of Overtown schwag weed:

5. Enrique Inglesias
Famous for bagging a washed-up Russian tennis sex symbol and the large mole he had removed from his face. On the plus side, he's got Pitbull as his touring duet buddy.

4. Raul Martinez
Three years after suffering a resounding defeat to the self-anointed next President of Cuba, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, the one-time Mayor for Life of Hialeah got clobbered at the polls by Carlos Hernandez, a guy more equipped to be Hialeah janitor than the city's mayor.

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dont defend him cause your cuban; new times is the only magazine to even re-print this story. #leastuninfluentialperson.. in a couple years when hes doing sabado gigante endorsements youll see the light.


Pitbull sucks ass.

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

No respect for The Carnival.


 New times writer Alvarado can kiss my white @#@ and by the way I'm no fan of pit bull but I damn sure would love to have his money.

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