Tony Darnell Fisher Arrested for Stealing Luggage From Carousel at MIA

Categories: Crime
The domestic flight baggage carousel at Miami International Airport always makes us nervous. We've arrived in one piece. We're ready to finally get to our destination. The only thing left to do is collect our luggage. Why isn't it on the carousel? Oh my God, someone could have just randomly picked it up and headed out the door with it! We'd never see that luggage again!

So the arrest of Tony Darnell Fisher gives us some solace that police at the airport take steps to ensure our luggage won't get stolen from baggage claim.

Fisher, 43, was spotted by a Miami-Dade Police officer picking up a piece of luggage from the carousel at Terminal D and walking out with it. According to NBC Miami, Fisher hightailed it when the officer tried to stop him.

He ran to a nearby construction site. Police caught up with him, but he fought back. Eventually  he was captured after K9 and air units got involved.

Following his arrest, Fisher told police he needed cash. Now he needs a lawyer. He's being charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, grand theft, and resisting arrest with violence.

No word yet on who owns the luggage. Let's hope it wasn't one of those rich Brazilians.

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