Veldora Arthur Sentenced to Just 57 Months in Prison

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Former City of Miami assistant fire chief Veldora Arthur has been sentenced to 57 months, or just under five years, in prison after being convicted for her part in a $10 million mortgage fraud scheme. After release, she'll serve three years of probation.

Arthur faced as many as 20 years in the clink, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Armando Rosquete had hoped she'd be sentenced to more time.

Arthur, Miami's first African-American female firefighter, was indicted in February for acting as a straw buyer to purchase six units in an Aventura condo building and falsifying paperwork in a scheme to collect about $11 million fraudulent loans.

While awaiting trial, Arthur remained on the city payroll and collected $120,000 over seven months.

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Strip the pension
Strip the pension

This felon was working on her crime while on City time and using City equipment. She should lose all her benefits.

Send a message to the criminals on the payroll.

Only 57 months in prison?
Only 57 months in prison?

Why did the City of Miami pay this felon $20,000 per month after she was indicted? $120,000 to a felon?

Why wasn't she "removed from duty without pay"? She was indicted (later convicted) for a $11 mil mortgage scam.


Dude this article is so full of shit it's not even funny. Did you even bother checking your facts?

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