Adulterer Newt Gingrich Hopes Bible Thumpers Help Him in Florida

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Will Florida's Evangelical voters line up behind a thrice-divorced serial adulterer with, reportedly, a thing for open marriages? Newt Gingrich's campaign sure thinks so, and hopes that Mitt Romney's flip-floppy past on things like gay marriage and abortion seals the deal with values voters. 

So, uh, Evangelicals would rather vote for a man who clearly has a vast history of messy personal values just because he's more likely to impose his social values on others? Oh, boy. 

No recent Florida polls have been released in the past few days, but polling in both South Carolina and nationally suggests that Gingrich is once again closing the gap with Romney. So Gingrich is hard at work, as the AP reports, assembling a "network of religious activists" in Florida. His evangelical supporters will lead a conference call with more than 1,000 pastors through out the state in the coming days, and others are spreading support through churches. 

"The evangelicals are not going to wrap their arms around Romney in this primary or the general election," John Grant, Gingrich's Florida evangelical chairmen, tells the AP. "Gingrich is pulling these people together quite nicely."

Apparently Romney concerns some of these value voters because, whoopsie, he hasn't been nearly as terrible to women and GLBT citizens as he is now. 

The one thing that stands in Gingrich's way is Rick Santorum, he of the "dog marriage" is the same as "gay marriage" fame. Santorum also has impressive amount of Evangelical support, including John Stemberge, the asshat who brought us Florida's constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions.

Though the AP reports he's quietly trying to recruit some of Santorum's supporters in the state. 

As for that messy, messy personal past full of pants popping, Grants says, "I wish he didn't have that background, but I honestly believe he's had a real renaissance experience."

Strange how some are so eager to ignore Gingrich's storied past of fucking around while not being able to "forgive" (not that we think anything needs to be forgiven in this case) Romney's past positions on social issues. 

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Sam Lotkin
Sam Lotkin

Newt is NOTHING but a CON MAN--he so CONVENIENTLY found GOD when he announced his candidacy-What a LOT OF BALONEY--70% of Republican congressmen are FRIGHTENEd to death if Gingrich is the Presidential nominee--they believe it wil be the END of the Repub party--both houses will go DEM majority. VOTE ROMNEY--look at his economic record--earning 21.5 million $,s in 2010-Newt--he earned $300,000 from--can u believe it Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Need I say more

Mike Medford
Mike Medford

I support Callista and Newt Gingrich and I totally approve of their adultery.   God understands that bold leaders are men with high drives, both of ambition and virility.   God loved King David, but King David had strong drives he could not control.Newt Gingrich has strength.  He saw a woman he wanted--the beautiful and young Callista-- and he took her.   Obama is a namby pamby rule-keeper, loyal to his first wife.  Obama lacks ambition and drive.Gingrich is proud of Callista and proud that he has a young, blonde, beautiful consort, thus demonstrating his strength, boldness, and virility.  The exit polls show that even the fat-bottomed women active in church groups supported Newt.  Why?   Because people admire leaders with strength.  Americans pretend to like a loyal husband but what we really admire is bold leadership.

Join our support group for Gingrich adultery:   www.thirdwives4newt.blogspot.c...

Mike Medford
Mike Medford

I support Newt and Caliista Gingrich, and I think their adultery and then marriage are a POSITIVE attribute.   Newt isn't ashamed of her; he is proud of her, as he should be.

Newt Gingrich traded UP.  This is all American competition and ambition at work.   Newt and Callista are winners.   They strive, they have ambition, and they don't settle.  

This election is about strength.   Newt Gingrich has strength.  Namby-pamby rule-keepers like Obama do not.    The Bible understands this.  King David was a great king, and he was beloved by God.  God understands that men of bold leadership have strong sexual appetites and cannot control them. God understands and approves of Newt Gingrich.   If God hadn't wanted Newt to marry Callista God wouldn't have placed her there to tempt Newt.

Calista Gingrich is proof that Gingrich has the virility and boldness to be our president.    And the fact that Obama is loyal to his first wife shows that he lacks the character of a strong leader.

Come join the team of realists who endorse Newt, Calista, and adultery:  www.thirdwives4newt.blogspot.c...

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Why would anyone listen to these hypocrites­? For pure entertainm­ent value. Everyone rubberneck­s at car wrecks. (Newt Gingrich: I’m not a hypocrite)

Newt Gingrich, who was one of the people leading the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton

After the impeachment of Bill Clinton was forced to resign amid rumors of his own extramarital affair?

A human.
A human.

The "evangelicals" are too easily swayed by anyone who leads them to barking in echo against gays and abortion and will not bother vetting such person for anything of substance. They do not stand with God.

Russ M.
Russ M.

Newt is so slimy and dishonest.  Blurting out angry tirades does not make one honest...or Presidential.  Newt-mania will be short-lived.  I'm a life-long republican, but I'll vote for Obama if Newt pollutes the Republican ticket.

Mike Medford
Mike Medford

Yes, they do stand with God.   God loved and supported King David.  David was tempted by a fertile young woman, but God loved him anyway.   David had the power and strength to kill 200 men, cut off their genitals, and deliver the foreskins to the father of the woman he sought.   It might be gruesome but it was approved of in the Bible, because it was a sign of ambition and strength.  Humans love a bold leader and bold leaders are virile.  Obama is a weak rule-keeper, loyal to his first wife, a wimp.   God hates wimps.  Gingrich is proud of Callista as he should be.  Callista proves that Gingrich might be obese and 67 years old but he can still score a young, blonde woman.


I know, I can't wait till we have the whore of babylon as the first lady, finally the world will now the true values of Amurica

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