Andrew Marshall Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail For Assembling Arsenal in Dinner Key Marina

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Andrew Marshall was caught after an anonymous tipster told the FBI that he was "the next potential Ted Kaczynski"
Andrew Marshall fought government -- city, state, and federal -- tooth and nail for years. On Wednesday, the government finally won.

Marshall was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for making and possessing unregistered firearms. Originally from a wealthy New York family, he moved to Miami and dropped off the grid, living on his boat in Dinner Key Marina.

That's where he was arrested on July 6, 2007, after someone warned the FBI that he was "the next potential Ted Kaczynski," AKA the Unabomber. When the Feds raided his boat, they found a terrifying arsenal, including two AK-47s, grenade launchers, chemical and biological warfare manuals, and the ingredients for explosives.

We wrote a two-part series on Marshall this fall, documenting his battles with the City of Miami, his descent into paranoia and rage, and the scary weapons cache he stockpiled just a stone's throw from City Hall.

Marshall's problems with and lawsuits against the city stemmed from a bizarre accident that occurred while he was working at Dinner Key Marina. He claimed that another employee deliberately ran him over with a golf cart, leaving him permanently crippled and in tremendous pain. He said fellow city employees -- including lawyers and case workers -- then conspired to cover-up the truth.

His co-worker, meanwhile, said the accident happened when a dog jumped on the gas pedal. City attorneys didn't buy his worker's comp claims, and Marshall filed the first of nearly a dozen lawsuits.

Jail hasn't slowed him down. Since his arrest, he has also sued the Miami Federal Detention Center and its warden, Linda McGrew.

Read all about his story in "Andrew Marshall: Miami's Ted Kaczynski" Part 1 and Part 2.

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Sounds like a nice stable fellow with a hobby.... NOT!!

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Sir Sausage
Sir Sausage

Sorry, but two "AK-47s," a "sniper" rifle, and a "grenade" launcher (I'd like to know more about this one...) is not an arsenal.  Also, you should note that the unregistered firearms he was in possession of were actually parts to make suppressors, which the ATF classifies as firearms.  Gotta love the ATF...

"A search of the boat and storage unit resulted in the seizure of approximately 15 inert grenades, a grenade launcher, an inert rocket, the ingredients to make gun powder, fuse, two assault rifles, and one rifle with a bipod and laser scope. The agents also recovered silencer component parts, which Marshall made on a machine in his storage unit. A separate search of his computer revealed, among other things, numerous instructional books on how to be a sniper and how to construct silencers."

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