Connie Mack, Florida Senate Candidate, is One of the Sexiest Members of Congress According to Horny College Kids

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Rep. Connie Mack's late entrance into the GOP primary for the right to take on incumbent senator Bill Nelson later this year has resulted in a quick jump to the front of the pack over other candidates like George LeMieux and Adam Hasner. The fact that Mack shares his name with his father, a former Florida Senator, certainly helps but he may also be helped by his apparent good looks. A recent study found that Mack is one of the top five most attractive members of congress.

The New York Times reported this morning that two Israeli professors set out to find whether more attractive members of congress get more media coverage. Turns out that in some medians they do, especially on television.

But to determine that they first had to make a list of the most attractive members of congress. So back in 2007 they surveyed a bunch of college kids to rate House and Senate members based on their looks. No, the researchers did not specifically note that the students were horndogs, but they are college kids and by default all different types of horny.

The researchers eliminated presidential candidates and party leaders, who would naturally receive more press coverage, and were left with the following: "Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of Tennessee; Representative Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Democrat of South Dakota; Senator Saxby Chambliss [Ed: more like Sexby Chambliss, amirite?], Republican of Georgia; Representative Connie Mack, Republican of Florida; and Senator John Thune, Republican of North Dakota." We know what you're thinking, and just to clarify, crazily six-packed congressman Aaron Schock did not take office til 2009.

So, yes, Senate hopeful Mack is a veritable sex god by Washington D.C. standards, which means, at the very best, he is a decent looking human being by non-DC standards (and probably sort of ugs by Miami standards).

So, in addition to his daddy's name, perhaps his overly defined jaw line and perfectly gelled hair will help him defeat Nelson in 2012? Well, not if Floridians have a thing for dudes in uniforms.

[via The Atlantic Wire]

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Eva Jordon

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Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson

And How will being "Sexy"evolve Florida into more jobs to spike our economy and keep theNational Ocean Councils off our shores with "Catch Shares"and all in killing jobs to tourism; a commodity to which FloridaCannot Afford to lose? Career politicians such as Mack, Nelson andBarack Obama have failed us, with a path to bigger government,endless spending and over regulating to supporting environmentalkick-backs to which we all lose by strangling the business community,destroying our economy and killing the American dream! Principlesbefore Party, Personality and Profit with deeds not words, it's justthat simple.

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